Garmin Watches Festival Offer – No Cost EMI Top Brands


Garmin Watches Festival Offer – No Cost EMI Top Brands

Time is precious, and so is your watch. A watch is no more just a device that shows you the time. With advanced technology, it has become very smart.

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Time is precious, and so is your watch. A watch is no more just a device that shows you the time. With advanced technology, it has become very smart. This festive season grabs the most elegant looking watch that will perfectly suit your attire. 

You can also gift a watch this season to your loved ones as the best Garmin watch price has dropped due to the amazing deals and discounts. Adorn your wrist with the best of the watch world. 

Here is a list of the best  Garmin watches: 

  • Garmin Vivoactive 3 Element Cerise GPS Wearable Device

Price: 19,990 INR

Like most other Garmin watches, this one also offers a lot of amazing features at a very pocket-friendly price. A GPS smartwatch with Vivoactive 3 Element is compatible with Connect IQ store, from which you can download various watch faces, widgets, and apps and set the watch up in accordance to your liking. The watch can withstand any environment and is water-resistant. It also has a Gramin Chroma Display that allows the user to read even in direct sunlight. There are more than 10 pre-loaded exercises you can choose to make your workout innovative and fun. Just like the other Gramin watches, this one also estimates your heart rate, stress level and gives you indications of something going slightly wrong. 

  • Garmin Lily White with Light Gold, Leather Band Smartwatch

Price: 25,990 INR

An absolutely beautiful and elegant watch that will complement your festive look. You will feel great wearing this watch as it is lightweight, small, and sits perfectly on your wrist. The watch has a women’s health tracker to track your menstrual cycle. You can check out exercises to relieve you of your pain and also check the required nutrition. The Hydration tracker tracks your fluid intake and sends a reminder if it’s less or even when it is more. The Respiratory tracker tracks your breathing throughout the day, while sleeping, even while exercising. The Fitness tracker estimates steps, calories burned, intensity minutes and more. The Pulse Ox sensor can check your SPO2 level at any point of the day. With a heart rate and stress monitor, and several pre-loaded breathing exercises, this watch is the definition of beauty with brains. This Garmin watch price is reasonable, and the product is worth your money.

  • Garmin Instinct Solar, Solar-Powered Rugged Outdoor Smartwatch

Price: 41,490 INR 

Available in two beautiful shades of Sunburst Yellow and Orchid Purple, this watch has a long battery life through solar charging. This Rugged GPS watch is built to U.S military standard 810 for thermal shock and is water-resistant up to 100m. The watch also has the Body Battery Energy that monitors your heart rate, stress, sleep and pulse rate to see how your body uses energy. The watch has several pre-loaded activities like running, swimming, biking, strength and more, that will make your workout time fun and will surely keep you on your toes. There are built-in 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter plus multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) to track in the most challenging environments. 

This festive season wears the latest Garmin watches and turns heads with your style. You can also choose to gift any of the Gramin watches to your loved ones. Make sure you buy a watch that will be your best friend even after the festivities are long over. Along with the look, also check the features and the price at which they are being offered. You can always drop by at the Bajaj Finserv EMI store to check up on amazing festive deals and discounts on branded smart watches. Get exciting cashback offers and more. 

If you can’t pay for your favourite watch right away, don’t worry. We have got you covered. Use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card to make your payments in small monthly EMIs at No Cost EMI and zero down payments. This card will also help you explore a number of other offers to make your buy more comfortable. You take your pick, let us think about the cost. Enjoy the festive season with only the best of best watches.