Best ways to fix the Malwarebytes installation error


Best ways to fix the Malwarebytes installation error

Malwarebytes is a popular anti-malware with an easy interface. The free plan of Malwarebytes can inspect and remove all viruses from PCs. For better d

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Malwarebytes is a popular anti-malware with an easy interface. The free plan of Malwarebytes can inspect and remove all viruses from PCs. For better device and data protection, various premium Malwarebytes plans are also available. But few people reported that their Malwarebytes setup is showing installation error. 

Reasons for getting Malwarebytes installation error

  1. You have corrupted Malwarebytes setup
  2. Another antivirus is interrupting the installation process
  3. PC is running an outdated OS
  4. System files are not working
  5. Invalid changes on Security settings

Troubleshooting Malwarebytes installation error

Restart the computer

If the installation process of your antivirus is interrupting then close other apps and restart the device. Now, open the downloads folder and tap on Malwarebytes setup. Run the setup and don’t open any other app until the installation process completes. Once the antivirus gets installed, restart the PC to apply it. Now you can scan for viruses and resume other work on PC. 

Get the compatible setup

While downloading the setup, check its compatibility. People sometimes download the incompatible setup of Malwarebytes. The setup for Android won’t work on PC. Always check the platform and resource requirements while downloading the setup.

In premium plans, you can transfer the Malwarebytes license. But the setup will only work on the same platform. Don’t try to use the Android Malwarebytes subscription on Windows. You need a new license for another device and then install its setup. 

Re-download the Malwarebytes setup

You will get an installation error if the setup is corrupted. Sometimes the setup can’t download correctly due to the internet or other issues. The user has to re-download the correct setup from the web. Start downloading the Malwarebytes setup when the internet connection is smooth. After setup download, run the setup and install your Malwarebytes on the device.

Remove another antivirus

You can get installation issues with Malwarebytes when you have another antivirus installed. When the existing antivirus finds a new setup, it starts interrupting it. You have to remove the existing antivirus setup from the device. Check the apps folder for the antivirus and uninstall its setup.

In case, you want to run both security programs then disable the existing antivirus temporarily. After disabling it, run the Malwarebytes installation process.

After installation, enable the existing antivirus and check its features and disable those features on Malwarebytes. Now you can use both security programs on the device easily. 

Update your Operating System

When the antivirus setup is not installed, check for your OS update. Your Malwarebytes will not open windows 10 if its OS is outdated. Click on Settings and select the Update folder. Go to the Check for updates option when the internet is working.

The new update will install and all PC services will start running correctly. Go to the computer and click on the downloads folder. Run the Malwarebytes installation and then restart the PC. 

Repair the system files

Users can get installation errors with any application if the system files are not working. The system files can get corrupted with runtime errors, malware, etc. But repairing these system files is difficult. You should only edit any system file if you know the steps.

In case you edit any other files, other services of the device may stop working. You should ask any professional for repairing the system files of your PC. The user can also run the SFC utility tool. That tool will inspect all system files and repair the corrupted ones if possible. But for running the SFC/scannow utility tool, you need an admin account.

Provide the admin credits and run this utility tool. After repairing those files, restart your PC and reinstall your Malwarebytes antivirus.

Undo the recent changes on PC

If you have made changes on the security tab recently then undo them. The changes are restricting the antivirus installation process. Open the Security tab and now revert the recent changes. If you don’t know the default settings of the Security page then use the System restore tool.

But run this tool when you have the correct point for restoration. Run the tool and enter the point. Now, this utility tool will revert the changes till that point. Once the settings get fixed, retry to install the Malwarebytes antivirus on your PC.