Some easy steps to fix the LiveUpdate error

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Some easy steps to fix the LiveUpdate error

LiveUpdate is a special utility tool of Norton antivirus. It provides a regular update to Norton. When the update arrives; LiveUpdate immediately inst

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How to troubleshoot Norton’s problem?

LiveUpdate is a special utility tool of Norton antivirus. It provides a regular update to Norton. When the update arrives; LiveUpdate immediately installs it to keep the setup up-to-date. This tool is also helpful in preventing the unknown changes done by cybercriminals and malware. When the LiveUpdate tool is not working; Norton’s setup will not update automatically. Keeping your security software outdated; can cause various issues. Try to resolve the LiveUpdate error manually.

Reasons for getting LiveUpdate error

Internet is slow
Another program is interrupting Norton update
Norton registry files are showing an error
Your operating system is outdated
Some system files are not working
The user has make an invalid change to the system
Device junk is corrupting Norton functions

Resolving Norton LiveUpdate error

Check the internet

For updating the Norton setup; LiveUpdate requires an internet connection. The update installs only when the connection is smooth. Sometimes the internet works but is not stable. When the LiveUpdate is not working, wait for some time and retry to install the update.

Restart the computer

Your updating process can get into error due to some runtime issues. When Norton live update process updates failed to complete then restart the device. Restarting the computer may fix the error. After restarting, go to your Norton and try to run the LiveUpdate.

Repair your Norton registry files

Users should try repairing the Norton registry files. When these files are not working, the setup will show the installation error. Your registry files related to Norton can get errors due to an invalid change. You can check for the corrupted files on the registry editor.
Go to the Run wizard
Type cmd on the wizard and hit Enter button
Open command screen and type Regedit
Tap the Enter and check the registry editor
Users will see the registry files of all programs. Tap on Norton registry files to save them with .reg. Now you have to paste them on the desktop. After creating the Norton backup key; edit the files. Repairing those files is difficult as the user will require proper guidelines. If you can’t repair those files then ask for help. You should not edit them without knowledge. After fixing those files, reopen the device and run Norton update.

Remove the conflicting program

You will get the update error when another program is corrupting with it. Programs like other security tools or third-party programs can corrupt the Norton update process. When the user faces updating issues, check the programs. If you see any other security tools, uninstall them from the system. Now check for third-party programs like pirated editing software or gaming setup. Remove all of them and delete the associated files. After removing the conflicting programs, restart the PC and check for Norton update error.

Update your Operating System

OS update is necessary for the system and all the installed programs. When the OS is outdated; many of the functions won’t work. Users can face errors while updating any program or making system changes. When any of the installed programs show an update error then check for a new OS update. When the update is available, install it immediately. After updating the OS; install Norton and other program updates.

Revert the changes on the system

When the LiveUpdate feature is not working after making system changes; revert them. Antivirus shows errors when users make invalid changes on the security tab. Again, go to the same tab and undo your changes. People often forget the changes they made to the device. You can run the restoring tool. When you provide the restoring point; the tool will revert the changes. After running this tool, update your Norton antivirus.

Repair your system files

When Windows system files are not working; many programs will face issues. For running your programs or tools; you have to repair those files. Never edit those files without proper knowledge. It can break down the whole device. Users can run the file checker tool. You have to run the SFC/scannow command and wait. After detecting those files; it will repair them. You can also contact technical help for troubleshooting the error. After repairing those files, check your Norton relayed error.

Reinstall your Norton setup

If the LiveUpdate is getting an error due to missing files then you have to remove the setup. After deleting the corrupted setup; open the Norton account. Reinstall your setup and you will get the updated Norton setup.