Simple Guidance to Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue


Simple Guidance to Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue

Yes, it frustrates customers when Brother Printer offline error occurs on Windows 10 and Mac occurs. The typical issues faced by the majority of wirel

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Yes, it frustrates customers when Brother Printer offline error occurs on Windows 10 and Mac occurs. The typical issues faced by the majority of wireless printer owners. In this case, the printer won’t let you print any type of document. Therefore, to fix Brother Printer always offline for Windows 10 or Mac make sure you adhere to the correct resolutions and then resolve the issue promptly.

Solutions to Fix Brother Printer Offline on Windows 10 or Mac

The Brother Printer always offline message frequently resembles HL-L2350DW, HL-L8260CDW, and MFC-J6530DW, MFC-J6930DW. Don’t spend your time and energy; just adhere to the guidelines for each option to restore the printer’s online status.


Solution: [1] Restart Brother Printer, Router to Fix Offline Error Message

If your laptop or computer is not able to recognize the wireless printer via an internet connection. You will then be required to restart your system printer, router, and device. Then, you’re needed to establish a brand new connection between them.

Note: While trying to troubleshoot the network link to resolve the printer that displays that offline warning, it is necessary to immediately connect the printer to the WiFi network.

  • Turn OFF your wireless printer.
  • The next step is obliged to unplug the power cable from its back end.
  • Shut down the system you tried to print documents.
  • The power supply is connected to the back edge of your printer. Then, turn it on.
  • After that, remove the power cord to the wireless router, and then wait for 20 minutes.
  • Next, connect your power cable to the wi-fi router.
  • Then, turn on this system.

Your devices are prepared to establish a new connection. Therefore, follow the next method.

Solution: [2] Connect Wireless Printer to the WiFi Network (Touch screen Control Panel)

Make sure you connect to connect your Brother printer to your local wifi network by using the Brother Wireless setup wizard that is available for the control panel with a touch screen. It is also possible to be established using WPS as well as Brother Smart App software when it is supported by the router.

  • Then, tap the wireless icon in the control panel for the printer.
  • Hit the set-up icon.
  • Click on the Restore Network defaults as well as the Restore Network Settings option, then click “yes” to confirm your selection.
  • It is believed that you should hit the back arrow followed by Wireless Settings and finally, Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • The printer will search for all available wireless networks.
  • Enter the name of the wireless network you are using.
  • If the wireless connection fails to locate or detect the printer, then click to Enter New Network Name. After that, type the name of the wireless network.

Note: Ensure that you enter the correct Network name. It should contain any lower or uppercase characters.

  • Finally, enter the security password for the network (WEP or WPA Key) and click done.

When the printer is connected, the blue light on wireless will cease to flash and remain on.

Solution: [3] Set Your Printer As Default on Windows 10 Manually

Test Brother’s Printer and set it as the default property so that it doesn’t is offline in Windows 10.

  • Find devices then select Printers and Scanners in the list of devices that are displayed.
  • If it’s marked as checked, remove the box to the right of Allow Windows control my default printer.
  • Look for your printer’s name in the list of printers. You can then hit clicking the Manage button.
  • If you have multiple devices that share identical names, you need to select the printer that has an idle or online status.
  • Next, below manage your wireless printer device, click on set as default.
  • Once more, try printing any kind of paper. If the printer is still running offline, try the next procedure.

Solution: [4] Set Your Printer as Default on Windows 8, 7 Manually

  • First, search for Devices on your windows, and then click on Printers and Devices from the results.
  • Then, right-click on the Brother printer, whose status is active (not greyed out), and then click Set as the default printer.
  • Try printing documents. If the printer is still offline, proceed to the next step.

Solution: [5] Check For Ink Cartridge and Paper Jam Problem

Check the printer for an incompatible cartridge and jams in the paper so that you can resolve Brother Printer always offline issue with the printer.

  • On the Brother wireless or wired printer. Check that all wired and physical connections have been correctly made.
  • Examine all cable connections to find cables that are disconnected and then reconnect them to ensure a more secure connection.
  • Examine the printer’s interior to identify any jammed papers. Clean the Brother Paper jam error if you find any.
  • Inspect the input tray to find the correct amount of paper. Papers should be added when needed.
  • Access the cartridge’s access door and then look to see if there is a Brother Printer ink cartridge Failure message. Also, look at the amount of ink in the cartridges.
  • You must check the control panel of your printer or your software to detect any alerts about low ink levels. Click OK to end the low ink alerts and bring your device back online.
  • Make sure that both the printer and system are connected to the same WiFi network.

Solution: [6] Download Brother Print and Scan Doctor to Fix Printer Always Offline Problem

You must download the specific edition for Brother Print and Scan Doctor Software. It was specifically designed to help users resolve the status of Brother Printer always offline up and running on Windows 10 or Mac.

  • The first step is to Download and Install the Brother Print and Scan Doctor Software.
  • Then, you’re supposed to run BrotherPSdr.exe from the location you downloaded it from on your personal computer.
  • Open the HTML0 Brother Print and Scan Doctor app, then click Start, then selects the wireless printer you want to use.
  • When your printer is not recognizing the system, switch it off and on after which click Retry.
  • If your device is not properly connected, follow the instructions of Brother Print and Scan Doctor Software
  • If a message appears on-screen that asks you to enable printer updates, simply click yes.
  • If a message on the screen advises you to change your printer’s default, then click yes.

In the end, print an item. If it looks offline, you can move on to take assistance by contact our Tech support team.

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