Five Ways to Encourage People to Donate


Five Ways to Encourage People to Donate

"True charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense," said Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish pluralistic-Christian theologian

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“True charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense,” said Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish pluralistic-Christian theologian, scientist, philosopher and mystic best known for his book on the afterlife, Heaven and Hell.

Donating to help someone in need is one of the best ways to show your social responsibility and it gives peace of mind and makes you feel happy. If you want to encourage others to join your cause then here are five ways to encourage people to donate. One of the best examples of the non-profit organization is WE Charity, founded 25 years ago in Canada with the dual mission of inspiring children at home to make a difference through service and helping children to escape extreme poverty. With the co-founder Marc Kielburger, the organization is helping more than 200,000 children and 30,000 women all across the world.

Make your cause personal to make it relevant:

Well, it is very important that people should connect to the cause of charity then only they will donate to the organization. A study shows that when you ask someone about which charity they donate, they will be excited to tell you the name and they will also explain how that charity means to them. So, if you want to encourage others to donate then you will need to find a cause that can personally relevant to the potential supporters. Also, if your cause can help in improving someone’s life then many will support your cause.

Tell a story about your charitable work:

Well, it is unfair if you just simply ask people for donations. You need to connect with them and share your real story about your work because when people will understand your hard work and how you are passionate about your cause then this could encourage them more to support your cause. Everyone would like to know that where their donation money is used and how it’s helping someone. So, explain to them how you are using their money for helping people and providing every necessary thing they require.

Make your cause enjoyable for volunteers and donors:

The best and the most motivating way to raise funds is to find volunteers with good spirits who can engage in your cause and are willing to participate fully in fundraising. Well, your volunteers can help in increasing your cause’s image that can attract many more supporters to support you. Before you start your fundraising event, you need to train your volunteers, explain to them how your entire event will run, and encourage them to work with a smile.

Be clear about your finances, needs, and results:

Whenever you start a fundraising event to help other people who are in need then you need to make sure that you are completely clear about your finances along with your volunteers. Make sure that you have complete data about how you are going to use the donated money. Also, you should have a plan created in advance, so that you can identify what your requirements are, how you will manage the event, and what will be the end results.

Show professionalism:

If you want to encourage your people to donate to your charity then need you to need to present your cause in a very professional way. To make this more effective, you can appoint individuals who have good communication skills and who can interact with the press and the public effectively. Effective communication can help the public to understand your cause more deeply and this will make them encouraged and they will try to connect with your cause.