Fashion Nova Makes Philanthropy Look Good


Fashion Nova Makes Philanthropy Look Good

  Fashion Nova, one of the reputable global clothing brands, doesn't hesitate when giving back to the community. Since its establishment, the

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Fashion Nova, one of the reputable global clothing brands, doesn’t hesitate when giving back to the community. Since its establishment, the e-commerce retailer has been a pacesetter in its engagement in charitable works.

The popular fashion house set the bar high for its competitors when it launched its principal charity division, Fashion Nova Cares, in 2018. The initiative, in collaboration with a famous rapper and fashion icon, Cardi B, was geared towards helping the needy in society.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, Fashion Nova was at the forefront in assisting persons and organizations that suffered losses during the period. The ultra-fast clothing company affirmed its commitment to supporting the community even beyond the current crisis.

“All of us have to play a part in supporting the communities that we serve. Our Fashion Nova Cares initiative will continue beyond the current challenges of Covid-19 with additional endeavors and programs that will further help make a positive impact in people’s lives,” said Richard Saghian.

The leading fashion brand donated $1 million and distributed it to individuals from April to May 2020. Each recipient received $25,000 or more from Fashion Nova Care and Cardi B. The rapper assured her fans on Instagram of her commitment to assist those affected by the pandemic.

Everyone has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Fashion Nova Cares and I have come with a way to help the many families in need,” said Cardi B.

Fashion Nova also affirmed its commitment to helping the community this year during Women’s History Month in March. The ultra-fast clothing retailer and Meghan Thee Stallion, a renowned rapper, launched the “Women on Top” initiative to empower women.

The “Women on Top” initiative entailed donating $1million to women, organizations, and institutions of higher learning. Among the program’s beneficiaries were women from marginalized communities, advocacy groups, and female entrepreneurs.

Here’s a list of some of the recipients of Fashion Nova Cares’ donations:

Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles

The organization received $25,000 to support the Inglewood Innovation Center. The soon-to-be-opened Center is geared towards equipping girls in the local community to explore their potential and achieve their dreams.

Breonna Taylor Foundation

In the memory of Breonna Taylor, a victim of unjust killing, her mother created the foundation to support racial justice. Fashion Nova Cares donated $100,000 to support the foundation in assisting the youth to attain their goals and encourage them to participate in political processes.

Black Women for Wellness

A nonprofit organization, Black Women for Wellness, supports Black women and girls through empowerment and the promotion of health and wellbeing. The association received $25,000 to fund its maternal health programs.

Just B Clothing

A specialty boutique owned by women in color, the Massachusetts-based clothing hub specializes in prom dresses. Fashion Nova Cares donated $25,000 to support the boutique’s teen-centered programs, including internships and assistance to women’s shelters.


A social enterprise based in Kenya, SAWA empowers disadvantaged women in Kibera, Africa-largest slum. The organization trains women and creates employment opportunities in a safe and supportive environment. SAWA received $25,000 to support its educational and healthcare-related projects.