DIY Halloween Décor Ideas


DIY Halloween Décor Ideas

The ghostly shadows, scrawny creatures, and of course, the grunting orange pumpkin in our front porch and back yards are all freighting. Despite the h

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The ghostly shadows, scrawny creatures, and of course, the grunting orange pumpkin in our front porch and back yards are all freighting. Despite the horror they bring, our excitement level only rises. Inciting us for the much anticipated Halloween festive.


Being trapped inside our homes while maintaining a safe distance with our housemates has urged even the most introverted person among us to celebrate the occasions this year. Buying clothes, running chores, and planning on parties has been the highlight of this fall season. From raiding all-inclusive stores to spending hours and driving far off, we do it all to find the perfect item for our Halloween décor.


As much as we love the festivities, it gets overwhelming for the dubious ones among us to decide on the right theme and choose the right décor for the commemorations. Either what we want is not budget-friendly or is out of stock. To bring your craftsman skills to play, and make the preparations more fun, we have come up with hassle-free DIYs.


Add Colors to Baby Breaths & Pampas Grass

Who doesn’t like the cutest, readily available, and oh-so-pretty baby breaths? But did you know these tiny branches can do wonders for your themed party? All you need for this DIY are some paint colors and brushes. And unleash the artist in you. You don’t need Leonardo Da Vinci’s level skills for this breezy task.


For Halloween, let the branches soak in the sun, to get completely dried out. What you do next is, take black paint and brush the petals. Let the paint set. You can either paint your old planter or buy a grey one. Place the black breaths in it, and you have yourself a Count Dracula approved centerpiece.


Another excellent and free of cost, plant that helps intensify the Halloween look is the white pampas. You can easily pluck a few while driving across the cliffs or alongside highway roads in the wilds. You can also order them from Amazon. They add drama to your party and once the party is over, keep them in the planter for Christmas Eve.


Make Tomb Stones of Your Old Tees

This DIY is fun yet precautionary in today’s times. To encourage your guests to practice social distancing you can use your old Tees, distress them and roughly cut the edges to give them a deadly look. Use a color spray of your choice. Preferably black or red and then write the guest’s credentials similar to that on a tombstone.


Use the T-shirts as chair covers and place their chairs at a certain distance. This simple DIY plays an eminent role at your graveyard theme Halloween party. To step up the online shopping ladies fashion Australia, you can also make napkins of old, worn-out fabric available in the storeroom at home.


Napkins can be used as tombstones. And to aggravate the theme, you can spatter red ink on the table cover. All you need for this DIY are old t-shirts and paints.



Grimacing Faces on Vegies and Balloons 

We strongly condemn wasting edible items and money on one-time-use props. Halloween is all about small things reflecting horror and dark humor. A simple black marker can help you save money and add drama to your spooky night.


We all love baked vegies, don’t we? And olives are our favorite. With the help of olives, you can create grimacing faces and let your guests know, they’re in for a deeply rooted theme party. Another cheap and easy way to make your guests’ spines tingle is to use orange balloons and draw creepy faces on them.


Add rice or water to the balloon and place them at random, different sitting spots at your house. Few scares and screams are guaranteed with this sinister prank. You can also use googly eyes on different objects to intensify your Halloween set-up.


Scary Crow and Broom Stick on Front Door

No Halloween party is fun until the front door sets the scary vibe. And nothing is petrifying more than a scary crow on a black stand with an alarming hint for the guests. Remember how the famous Macbeth quote has always intrigued us? It is about time that we use it as a directional signpost. The Something Wicked This Way Comes is a nerve-chilling statement that entices us.


The front door with broomsticks glued on it sets the wicked theme for our witchy witch party. You can place a Spirit Board inspired by the Ouija movie as your doormat. A spider wreath on the other side of the door will surely rattle some guests’ nerves.


You can also hollow a pumpkin from the inside and place Halloween candies in it. Or you can create a candy wreath for the kids to munch on some candies while enjoying the Halloween décor. Here’s another witchy idea for a last-minute Halloween décor, Brooms can also be used as chandeliers. Hang a few red bulbs wired across it and you have a danger zone set.


We hope you pull off a spooky, fun-filled night with these DIY Halloween décors. And if you are bogged down in work, you can rely on stores. Amazon, Halloween Express, and other retail stores have massive Halloween decor collections available for online orders as well as in-store.