Easy steps to connect the printer with Wifi network


Easy steps to connect the printer with Wifi network

The printer is a crucial peripheral output device. This device is used on businesses, small companies, libraries, and home use. You can choose the pri

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The printer is a crucial peripheral output device. This device is used on businesses, small companies, libraries, and home use. You can choose the printer according to the job as it is available in various sizes. When you need a printer for home use, get an inkjet.

If you need a printer for the library, you can go for a laser printer. The new printer series offers Wi-Fi direct and network printing options. After setting up the printer, users can easily take printouts from any device.

Preparing Printer for Wi-Fi network

Not all printers offer Wi-Fi connection features. The user needs to inspect the printer for a Wi-Fi connection. After checking the printer, inspect the network. You will require a working router device. Also, it must have the physical WPS pin. Without the pin, the user still connects the printer with the standard connection method.

If the router has a WPS pin then you can set up the printer easily. Before making the connection, check the printer and make sure it is turned on. Also, the network you are seeking for connection should be WPA or WPA2 protected. It will assure you that your printer connection is fully secured.

WPS Printer Connection Method

For >Canon mg3600 how to connect to wifi; go to your printer and press the Wi-Fi button

1). Release it when the orange lamp flashes
2). Your Wi-Fi lamp will flash blue and start searching for the network
3). Check the router and press the WPS pin immediately
4). The blue lamp of the printer will glow until it finds the network
5). When the printer gets the network, the lamp will become steady
6). After connecting the printer to the router; check the network

You should check whether the printer is connected to the correct network or not. Print the network settings page and it will provide all the information. For printing, load the pages on your printer. Press the Cancel button until your lamp blinks 15 times. The printer will give you the network settings page. In the printout, check the connection status; it must be active.

Now check the SSID; it tells the name of the connected wireless network. After establishing the printer to network; install your printer driver. For communicating with the printer, you will require the driver on your PC. If you are using a new printer, check for the CD. Use a CD for installing the driver. Otherwise, you can also find the printer driver on the web. While downloading the setup from the web; make sure you are searching the driver for the correct printer model.

After the driver installation, connect the PC to the same network. Give the print command and search for the connected devices. Select your printer name and hit the Print button. Your printer will give you the printouts reliably.

Using Standard Method for Printer Connection

When the printer can’t use the WPS method due to any reason; go for the standard method. You can set up the printer to network using the driver.

1). Use driver CD or download the setup from the web
2). Run the driver setup on your computer
3). You will get the initial screen
4). Tap on the Next button
5). Choose Wireless LAN Connection
6). Hit on the Next option
7). Choose Access Point Connection and tap on the Next button
8). Check the printer and turn it on
9). Inspect the green light of your printer
10). Your printer driver will inspect the network for any connected printers
11). When you have connected the printer to the network for the first time then select the Not Found option and hit on Next button
12). Your printer setup suite will start the installation
13). Tap on the Next button and choose Cableless setup
14). Hit the Wi-Fi button and tap on the Next button
15). The printer’s Wi-Fi lamp will blink for searching the connection Your network will get disabled temporarily for completing the setup. After connection, hit on the Next button
16). Select your location, region, and language
17). Hit the Next button
18). Click on the Yes button
19). Follow screen instructions

Select the Redetect option and wait for about 2 minutes. After completing the printer setup; you will see the printer name and SSID on the screen. If the appearing details are correct then hit on the Complete button. Now select the Execute button and tap on Next. After completing the printer setup; open the document and press Ctrl+P. Select your printer and get the printout easily.