Get the Complete Guide to Install HP Printer Setup

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Get the Complete Guide to Install HP Printer Setup

HP devices, such as smartphones, laptops, printers, and scanners, offer a single platform for technical work. Students and entrepreneurs have found HP

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HP devices, such as smartphones, laptops, printers, and scanners, offer a single platform for technical work. Students and entrepreneurs have found HP printers to be a great tool that helps them complete their tasks with ease. You should be aware that the installation of the HP printer is not possible without certain steps. Without these steps, you cannot troubleshoot HP Printer not Responding Error. This blog will show you how to Install HP Printer in Windows and use the built-in driver.

These are the Best Steps to Install HP Printer

Follow the steps below to install the printer driver in Windows. Then configure the USB connection to print. Let’s take the following steps as follows:

Step 1: Prepare for HP Printer Setup

You must prepare your printing device for setup before you can do anything else. To prepare for the USB connection setup, you will need to check the requirements and uninstall any printer versions that have been installed on your computer. These are the points to follow to Install HP Printer:
• Check that the printer is turned on and ready to go.
• A USB cable no more than 3m long is recommended.
• Your computer must have a USB port.
• You can disconnect the USB cable from your computer and install the HP printer driver. Then follow these steps to remove the printer from installed devices.
• The printer’s USB cable must be disconnected from your computer. The cable should not be reconnected until the driver has installed it.
• Start by searching for “devices” in Windows and then click on the “Devices and Printers” option in the control panel section.
• Right-click the icon that corresponds to your printer model and clicks “Remove Device”. If multiple icons are displayed for your printer model, you can delete them all one by one.
• Close the “Devices and Printers” window at the end and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Install the HP Printer Driver and Establish a Connection

Then download and install the correct printer driver. Then install a USB cable between the printer and the computer. Follow these instructions:
• Then visit the HP printer software and driver downloads page. Enter your printer model, and then confirm that your system version is correct.
• Click Printer to enter the model number of your printer and click Submit.
• The printer software results page is displayed when the default operating system is selected.
• Click “Change” to change the system version. Then select your version and finally tap on Change.
• Click “Download” in the Driver section to download the full software package
• If the installer asks you to choose a printer connection option to complete the setup, select USB.
• Print, scan or fax depending on the functionality of the printer.

How do I Install HP Printers on Mac OS

These lessons will show you how to install an HP printer on the Windows operating system. If a Mac OS user wants to install the printer for printing, they must follow the exact same steps. Let’s get started without delay.

• Before installing your printer software on Mac OS, make sure your printer is properly configured, turned on, and connected to your Mac using a USB cable.
• After all, the confirmations have been received; you can open a web browser to navigate to
• Click on the “Download” tab once the web page has opened to the next screen. Save HP Easy Start to your Mac
• Once the printer software has been downloaded, you can simply open it with a single click
• If a security message is displayed after clicking the file, tap the “Open” button
• See application settings and agreements. Click the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions.
• Then click the “Continue” button in the lower right corner.
• To continue with the procedure, click on the “Continue” tab.
• Then choose your printer from the list of devices. If your printer does not detect it, make sure it is turned on and the USB cable is firmly in place. If it is still not detected, the software may not be compatible with your printer. If this happens, follow these steps:

1. Download the latest drivers for your HP printer from the official HP printer site
2. Once you have completed this, your printer should now be recognized. Follow the next steps now

• Once you have selected your printer, click on the “Continue …” tab.
• A message may appear asking you to connect to a wireless network if your printer supports wireless communication.
• You will then need to choose the “Continue using USB connection” option and click on the “Continue” tab.
• To access the installation screen, read and follow the instructions.
• Select your installation option on the installation screen and then click “Install”
• Enter your administrator password if prompted. Touch the “OK” button to confirm.
• Download and install the printer software
• Once the software installation is complete, click on the “Continue …” tab.
• You will then need to read and answer the remaining screens to complete the installation of your printer.
• Click “Finish” and you can start printing without problems.

You can always get help if you have trouble Install HP Printer. Our highly trained team is available to provide a reliable and affordable HP Printer Technical Team in your home. You can reach them by calling the helpline number once you have received your call. They will help you in the right way.