Top 13 Retail Inventory Management Software In 2021


Top 13 Retail Inventory Management Software In 2021

There's a general consensus among aspiring CXOs and business giants the world over that if you're following technology that only meets your current ne

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There’s a general consensus among aspiring CXOs and business giants the world over that if you’re following technology that only meets your current needs, you’re already behind the curve.

With a growing customer base of people who know what they want, as a business owner you need to up your game. These technologies not only meet the needs of inventory management, but also serve many other integrated functions such as customer relationship management, e-commerce, marketing, sales promotion, finance and inventory management.

Read more about the best retail Clothing Store Inventory Software for SMEs. Find out how they perform based on different criteria such as their features, advantages and disadvantages, pricing, USP and which type of business they are best suited for (small or medium).
13 best retail inventory software for retail management

1. Hyperdrive’s HDPOS

Hyperdriven HDPOS is an inventory-based cloud-based invoicing and account management software. It has a user-friendly interface with many useful and powerful features at an affordable price. HDPOS offers additional services that can help you grow your online business in a completely simple way.

2. Tally’s Shoper 9

Tally’s solution provides a centralized framework for all your point of sale Clothing Store Inventory Software requirements. All aspects of the point of sale from sales, stock, revenue collection and profitability can be integrated.Tally offers cost-effective business solutions that are developed and tailored to the individual needs of the customer and their business.
Tally has designed Shoper 9 to store dozens of SKUs, thousands of daily activities and hundreds of chain stores. In this way, the key strengths of the new retail sector are fully exploited.

3. Marg ERP 9+ retail software

Marg’s retail management software meets the challenges of small and independent entrepreneurs. Marg ERP 9+ helps retailers and large multi-store chains manage their complex business operations. Their industry-focused approach, using the latest technology, ensures retailers will see “significant improvements” in customer engagement. It will help them get the right products at the right time and at the right price.

4. PrimaSeller by PrimaSeller

Primaseller is one of the most promising names in the retail management software category. The software offers a complete user interface and incredible functionality. Products can be sold quickly by acquiring customers from various marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc.
A handy feature of this software is in-store POS invoicing, which can help you manage your brick-and-mortar sales. Moreover, the inventory can be synchronized very easily. You can access your inventory at any time, no matter where it is, whether online or offline.
The possibility to create digital images of your products adds more relevance to your products. The site’s user-friendly interface and responsiveness add to a seamless user experience. In addition, your data is protected by SSL security.

5. GoFrugal by GoFrugal

GoFrugal is a proprietary retail invoicing software that addresses your unique needs. It is a comprehensive retail invoicing software that is suitable for any size or type of industry.
It also caters to many different industries. Supermarkets fruit and vegetables, grocery and department stores, pharmaceutical and healthcare, clothing and footwear, electrical and electronics, lifestyle and fashion, and specialty retail. It also has a mobile app to take orders, check stock levels and provide housekeeping services for different sectors. It works seamlessly across three devices – online checkout, mobile checkout and desktop.

6. AcTouch

AcTouch is the name to consider for retail and inventory management. The product offers best-in-class audit control and financial reporting features. It is designed for professionals and small to medium sized businesses that handle a lot of transactions.
When using the software, you will experience a very comfortable interface with large icons on the dashboard. The software has 250 functions, and the menus are designed so that you can easily navigate through the different functions. The overall layout is simple, so you don’t have to spend too much time learning the software. The software is also quick to download, helping you to increase efficiency.

7. eLite ERP Retail system from Accusol

It is specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses such as retailers, clothing stores, grocery stores, spa and salon shops and store franchises.
eLite ERP Retail enables sales, inventory management,

8. Integration of RetailPRO for retail businesses

RetailPRO streamlines in-store inventory and cash management, reduces costs and improves efficiency through human resource management, back and front office management, call centre, e-commerce and order fulfilment.

9. Uniretail by VRS Software (VRS Software)

Uniretail is a powerful, fully integrated business software that provides solutions for retailers, distributors and wholesalers. It is user-friendly, affordable, easy to use and quick to deploy. It is based on Microsoft’s .net platform, with SQL Server as the back-end server, and can be used both online and offline.

10. Zoho Inventory software

Zoho Inventory, a cloud-based inventory solution, includes an inventory management module that includes reporting and analysis, vendor-managed inventory and lot tracking. It features a mobile-compatible app for Android and iOS devices.
The software has built-in shipment estimation, tracking and delivery confirmation functionality. The solution allows users to create purchase orders, return orders and air shipments.

11. PharmSoft Software

PharmSoft invoicing software is a detailed solution for independent pharmaceutical retailers and pharmacies. It helps customers efficiently obtain complete information about their prescription orders and process prescriptions in the shortest possible time.

12. FusionRetail POS software

FusionRetail is one of the best POS software solutions for independent retailers or chain stores. It provides secure retail management system, touch and scan point of sale (POS), invoicing, barcodes, inventory control, financial accounting and management, chain management, payroll, loyalty programs, CRM, MIS and mobile reporting.

13. Ginesys Software

Ginesys is an ERP software covering the entire retail billing software for small businesses value chain from manufacturing to distribution and retail. As a leading end-to-end software provider, it offers software for purchasing, warehousing, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, finance and accounting, point of sale, loyalty management, replenishment planning, data analytics and omnichannel, among others. They have worked in sectors such as apparel, footwear, accessories, supermarkets, lifestyle and home.