Important Checklist Before Launching Custom Mobile App Development


Important Checklist Before Launching Custom Mobile App Development

The thing we have learned after launching apps in stores is, “ Success is not guaranteed.”  Unfortunately, the competition in mobile apps is increa

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The thing we have learned after launching apps in stores is, “ Success is not guaranteed.” 

Unfortunately, the competition in mobile apps is increasing rapidly. Your rivals have the latest technology to beat you in the battle of the digital world. Some mobile app developers predict that they have strategies to make an app successful. But no one can guarantee to develop a successful custom mobile app development. According to CIO, 80% of the apps are stranded after the first use. You can imagine the failure ratio of the apps from these stats. 

So…What things you can do to create a competitive app? 

In this article, I will discuss the key points of your mobile app development that must be check before launching. Let’s get straight into it!

Research Your Target Market and Competition 

One of the best key points in the success of mobile app development. How? 

Examining your audience and market strategies are the preferable things before you start mobile app development. There are some questions to be considered while researching your target audience. 

  • What type of audience you are targeting? (Age, Sex, Gender, Interest, etc)
  • Why do people need your app?
  • How tough your competition is with your rivals? 
  • Will my app help to solve audience problems?
  • Is there something missing while competing with your opponents in the market?

When you find answers to these questions, you will surely be able to find your target market. Making conclusions from similar apps will help you to add revolutionary features to your app. Build a unique app and choose a single platform (Android or iOS) for your custom mobile app development to beat your competitors.  

  • A Strategic Pricing Approach 

In comparison to conventional retail, monetization in the app store can take a variety of forms.

You may offer a free download, subscription, an initial download charge, and a series of transactions in your mobile app. Each of these pricing models has benefits and disadvantages.

Every app in the top 25 grossing applications is using a free method to grow its audience before producing its first official revenue. This feature helps you to give better mobile app development services.

Freemium pricing boosts the chance of traction if you’re seeking to develop an app that will reach millions of consumers. The premium or membership model might work best if you’re striving to engage with a niche audience to tackle a critical problem.

Well, It’s all about your goals. 

  • Screenshots and Visuals For Marketing Purpose 

Visuals can attract human emotions to some extent. By using HD graphics and screenshots on your app’s landing page with catchy descriptions make your app attractive to your customers.  

Visual assets assist to convey the message, whether they’re in emails to the press, the information you share on social media, or files you upload to ProductHunt. Uploading the visuals to a Dropbox folder is also a sensible move.

  • Optimization of Your Custom Mobile App in App Store

When it comes to ranking your website or mobile app, optimization plays a vital role. Luckily, Google and app stores have made guidelines for their users to boost up their content on search engines. How you can boost your app in app stores? 

The experts have a complete research on it and they concluded some key points that help to rank your app or website:

  • Use long-tail keywords and attractive graphics 
  • Number of downloads
  • Number of positive testimonials from the users
  • Visuals and Branding used for your custom mobile app development

Remember that the length of an app name on the App Store is now limited to 50 characters. While you won’t be able to acquire as many characters on the Google App Store, the benefits of using this method are evident.

  • Optimization of Your Custom Mobile App in App Store

Nothing can build trust in your customers but positive reviews and testimonials can. You want customers to believe that your app will provide value to them. Reviews are one crucial piece of the trust game, but they can also help you arm yourself with the firepower you need to recruit users.

In my opinion, most users will not read the description of your app, but those who do are more likely to become your most strident followers or haters. Show the testimonials from users and enjoy what you’ve created to start the connection on a positive note!

  • Promote on Social Media

Do you know? 

A person spends an average time of 3-4 hours on mobile in a day. Promoting your mobile app on different social media platforms can drive your app to potential customers. 

Giving value to your audience is the first step to develop an excellent media strategy. 

It’s time to start performing outreach and making connections with writers, journalists, and bloggers. They have an audience that resonates with the people you’re looking to engage by having the right content.

  • Launch an Initial Web Presence

If you want to ensure that your website is searced on app stores, promote it on social media platforms before launching to gain organic traffic. A great way to check your public feedback is to publish an MVP of the app. The important features that an app must have:

  • A place for email
  • A clear value proposition
  • Easy navigation
  • Reliable customer support system

The primary purpose of your website should be to collect emails so that you can get as many first downloads and reviews as possible when it launches.

You might also consider creating social media profiles in addition to a website. You’ll want to direct traffic to these channels from your website and use them to connect with additional potential customers.


Becoming a successful app owner is not an easy task. You have to consider many important things that make your website prior to your competitors. Mobile app developers also play a vital role in the success of the app. They create custom mobile app development from scratch and provide you the best output. I hope you have understood all the important checklists before launching your custom mobile app development. If you have any queries regarding mobile app development, you can contact different outsourcing companies on the internet.