How can I cancel my automatic renewal subscription?


How can I cancel my automatic renewal subscription?

Avast is now an integral element of every computer user's routine. It protects against viruses and malware. However, the company has automatic renewal

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Avast is now an integral element of every computer user’s routine. It protects against viruses and malware. However, the company has automatic renewal subscription options for its software. The company has three subscription plans: Premium, Free, and Pro. The first plan is free and the two other plans offer paid services.

Steps to avast automatic renewal cancellation 2021?

If you’d like to end Avast’s subscription to shield your computer from malware attacks and viruses, Avast Antivirus takes the leading position in providing you with an extensive security level. If you’d like to change to a different antivirus service then you are able to remove or deactivate your Avast subscription.

Do you need to stop the auto-renewal of Avast before you can stop it? You should be able to finish the task by following these steps. It can be uncomfortable for people to have a part of their AC payment taken out. Contact Customer Support as fast as you can in case you fall in the same situation. You can terminate your service with the help of our trained staff. You can also do it on your own. In the previous blog, the whole process of requesting a refund or cancellation of the order has been described. Follow the directions in the form.

How can I end the trial of Avast’s automatic renewal subscription?

You can end the Avast subscription by removing the program from your PC and by using the best alternatives to do so.

Deactivate the Auto-Renewal feature of your account

When you log in to Your Avast account, you will be able to stop Avast auto-renewal. There are a few steps required but they’re simple.

  1. Log in to your Avast account via their website.
  2. You can locate the license that you have signed up for by clicking the Licenses tab.
  3. Make sure your license is granted to your email address connected to.
  4. You can stop auto-renewal at any time by clicking Cancel Auto-Renewal and making it effective.
  5. Your decision must be confirmed
  6. You can deactivate auto-renewal subscriptions using the Deactivate Subscription button in the confirmation box.

There’s nothing more to it. The confirmation email should arrive in a matter of minutes.

Deactivate Auto-Renewal on Digital River

If you’ve bought your Avast subscription through Digital River, you can employ this method to deactivate auto-renewal.

These are the steps involved

  1. Begin by going to Digital River’s website. Digital River website.
  2. Log in with an order number as well as a password.
  3. Hit Find Order to confirm
  4. Navigate to Manage Subscriptions
  5. Find the option for automatic renewal.
  6. Turn it off and on. off.
  7. A notification will appear that indicates whether you wish to end the subscription. You can confirm that you have disabled auto-renewal by clicking on the link.
  8. A confirmation email is sent to confirm your cancellation of the automatic renewal.

How do I apply to be eligible for an Avast Refund Request?

These guidelines will allow you to recover the money when you’ve purchased Avast by way of the purchase of a subscription.

  1. Log into your account page on Avast
  2. In the list of payments choose from the available options, select Avast payment.
  3. Locate the button that reads “Claim Return” on the following screen. Click it.

Switch off auto-renewal in Avast by logging into Service Portal for Customers

It is also possible to contact Avast customer support to switch off your subscription in case neither one of the alternatives listed above is working for you.

  1. The license number you provide will allow you to turn off auto-renewal. Please contact us contact information if you wish to turn off avast’s license renewal.
  2. Please complete the cancellation forms.
  3. It is crucial to make use of the email address that you used to purchase the product.
  4. For confirmation of cancellation, you must wait for an answer from Avast Customer Service

How do I cancel the Avast 60-day trial? How to end the Avast trial for free?

Avast subscriptions are able to be canceled at any time within 60 days from the date of purchase. The opportunity to try Avast for free is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the application. The first version of avast is downloaded and subscriptions can be easily canceled and you can use the program for two months at no cost.

Avast Cancel Subscription on Google Play Store:-

The phones can be protected by Avast antivirus. Google Play Store: Google play store lets you easily download the Avast application on your phone if you want to utilize it. By typing Avast in the Google search box will open the program up. It is possible to install Avast antivirus on your phone by pressing the icon.

It will take a while until the installation process will be completed. Click the Upgrade button on the Avast antivirus program. After that, you will need to fill in your billing details. Install the plan following the instructions on the screen. Here are the steps you must follow if you’re looking to end the subscription to Google Play: Google Play subscription:

Simply click on the Play Store icon on the phone:-

  1. Go to the Menu
  2. Click Subscriptions
  3. Hit on the Avast subscription button
  4. Cancel the subscription you have signed up for by pressing Cancel
  5. To cancel your service, please follow the screen instructions.