Can Face Yoga Helps To Get Rid of Double Chin?

Several studies have shown that facial yoga for double chin is an effective and relatively inexpensive way to enhance your facial appearance. In theor

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Several studies have shown that facial yoga for double chin is an effective and relatively inexpensive way to enhance your facial appearance. In theory, they work by affecting the muscles, skin, and lymphatics in your face. Does this happen? Face yoga for double chin is an inconclusive science. Some people believe it makes your face appear slimmer and younger, while others believe it fails to provide many benefits. Face exercising has been associated with possible improvements in TMJ disorders, hemifacial spasms, and Bell’s palsy.

What is Face Yoga?

This facial exercise for double chin combines exercises for the muscles and skin of your face with facial massage exercises to help drain your lymphatic system. These exercises aim to engage more of the muscles in your face and neck, not just those used for facial expression.

By strengthening and isolating specific facial muscles, you may be able to sculpt your jawline, reduce those jowls, decrease puffiness in your face, and affect your skin’s elasticity and fine line and wrinkle appearance – at least.

The benefits of best face yoga

Best Face yoga is sometimes used for slimming the face. Face yoga for double chin hasn’t been scientifically looked at to see if it can improve fine lines, reduce double chins, or strengthen your jawline. Still, since it’s becoming more common, we’ll look at the science behind its efficacy.

In one study, 30 minutes of facial exercises were performed daily by a small group of middle-aged women. They dropped the facial yoga practice after eight weeks. Photos were taken before and after the facial yoga practice. The women’s upper cheek fullness had improved when compared to their baseline photos. Both before and after performing the facial exercises, people were asked to estimate each woman’s age. By the end of the study, the raters had dropped their estimates for the average age by more than two years.

Best face Yoga Exercises

Each face yoga exercise claims to be beneficial for a specific area of your face. You can do face yoga exercises to possibly look slimmer, more youthful by looking, more widespread at the examples below.

1. Forehead

If you have horizontal eyebrow wrinkles (frown lines), this exercise may help.
• Just above the brows, place your fingertips.
• As you raise your eyebrows, press your fingertips gently downward to block movement.
• For 6 seconds, stay in this position. Do this five times or more.

2. Upper lip

Vertical wrinkles above the upper lip (i.e., lip lines or lipstick lines) may be reduced by this exercise.
• Tuck your thumbs close together under your upper lip.
• Push your upper lip forward while pushing against your thumbs with your thumbs.
• For six seconds, hold this position. Repeat this five to ten times.

3. Jawline

Exercises like this may help improve a sagging jawline and double chin.
• With your elbows on the table and fists under your chin, place your elbows and fists under your chin.
• When opening your jaw, press your fist upward.
• This position should be held for 6 seconds. Repetition is recommended between 5 and 10.

4. Midface

If you have nasolabial folds (lines that run from the corners of your mouth to your nose – also called laugh lines or smile lines), you might find this exercise helpful.
• Your mouth should be open and your lips should be pursed slightly.
• You should put your index fingers against your mouth’s corners.
• With your index fingers, protrude your lips and pull the corners of your mouth outwards.
• This position should be held for 6 seconds. Repetition is recommended between 5 and 10.

5. Lips

Your lips may look fuller after doing this exercise.
• Consider a sultry pout with your lower lip touching your upper lip.
• Turn your upper and lower lips inward, pressing them together as if holding something with them.
• For six seconds, hold this position. Repeat 5–10.

6. Neck Stretch

Marino recommends stretching your neck before facial exercises.
• With your hand supporting you, drop your head towards one shoulder, pulling in the direction of the hand.
• Repeat on the other side.
• After testing both sides, place your index fingers beneath your chin and massage the muscles along the spine.
• To feel an invigorating stretch on your neck and back, lean your head back as you press up into the chin. For five seconds, hold this position.

7. Firm Up Saggy Cheeks and Jowls

“Bulldog faces are cute for dogs, but they’re not cute for us,” Hayashi says.
• To remove the saggy cheeks, pull everything to the side: imagine your right teeth pulled to the left side of your mouth in what looks like a sideways kissy face.
• A “train-and-stretch at the same time” exercise, hold for 10 seconds.
• As it points out, it’s a great way to achieve improved skin elasticity.
How often to do it: Between three and five times per day for optimal results.

8. Cheek Lifter

• “Open your mouth and form an O; place your upper lip over your teeth; smile to lift the cheeks correctly; put your fingers lightly at the top of the cheeks, and release the cheek muscles to lower them.
• Repeat.”

9. Happy Cheeks

• The Joker is instantly transformed into this move: Smiling while hiding your teeth, squeezing the lips together, forcing your cheek muscles up, and sliding your fingers over your mouth until you reach the tops of your cheeks.
• Hold for twenty seconds.


Is Face Yoga as promising as it seems to be? We’ll have to wait and see. Some believe it helps, and those who don’t. However, these Facial exercises might improve overall face muscle tone, but a facelift cannot replace them. Dermatologists and others involved with healthcare should carry out more research on face yoga before making it more popular.