BioX Citrulline Supplements Review  – 2021


BioX Citrulline Supplements Review – 2021

Biox Citrulline Supplements is available in the human body, and it is a non-essential amino acid. The human body produces Citrulline, and it is also a

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Biox Citrulline Supplements is available in the human body, and it is a non-essential amino acid. The human body produces Citrulline, and it is also available in multiple foods such as watermelon. Citrulline Malate supplement is made in the liver and intestine. It is perfect for dilating the blood vessels. The supplement is ideal for gym athletes who push the iron hard and want to Optimize Muscular EnduranceMany experts indicate that Citrulline is available in two forms, which are citrulline malate and L-citrulline. 

Citrulline has many names, which are enlisted below 

  • 2-amino-5-(carbamoylamino) pentanoic acid
  • Citrulline malate
  • L-citrulline
  • L-citrulline malate
  • Malate de citrulline

Uses of Biox Citrulline Supplements:

Many experts claim that a minimal amount of research is available to support the claim against the uses of Biox Citrulline Supplements and its benefits for gym athletes. However, few types of research indicate that Citrulline is ideal for gym athletes as it Boosts Muscle Pumps and brings health advantages mentioned below. 

  • Optimize Muscular Endurance
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Treats sickle cell 
  • Improves athletic performance 

Athletic Performance: 

Several researchers claim that bioxnutrition Citrulline is perfect for improving athletic performance, and a study was done on 20 individuals. As a result, it was revealed that using a regular dose of Citrulline increased their bench pressing capacity, and the number of reps increased. Additionally, the supplement also reduced muscles soreness by 35%. Therefore, the authors concluded that CM benefits gym athletes as it enhances endurance and reduces muscle fatigue.

Another research was conducted in 2010 on the possible benefits of Citrulline. It was noticed that supplement is perfect for increasing muscle blood flow during a gym workout. Additionally, the study highlighted that Citrulline regulates the blood flow of athletes, and it does not offer any advantage for female athletes.

BioX Citrulline Supplements

Heart and Blood Vessels: 

Professional athletes explain that Citrulline supplements do not let your blood pressure increase and keep it to a moderate level. The studies done on the health advantages of Citrulline suggests that pharmaceutical/nutraceutical grade L-citrulline was adequate for the promotion of cardiovascular health. However, a high level of research is required to back these claims.

Endurance Exercise: 

Bodybuilding is a great support that keeps us fit and energetic—the energy required for pushing the iron-hard needs more than just a daily meal. Proper supplementation is necessary as it offers protein and other ingredients, which help feel fuller and firmer. Citrulline is an effective supplement that helps in enhancing endurance. However, many gym experts claim that taking just one dose of bioxnutrition. Citrulline is not enough to serve the purpose. Therefore, athletes have to use the supplement regularly to achieve the desired results. The accessory is perfect for increasing oxygen in the muscles. It means amino acid does not allow oxygen to travel through the whole body but only in the exercising forces. The availability of oxygen ultimately helps in increasing the strength for extensive gym performance.

A study was conducted on a group of cyclists, and they were asked to use the supplement for two weeks. It was noticed that the whole group cycled 10% more before they reached exhaustion levels. Therefore, they were using Citrulline for a month or two to increase the strength and stamina for the extensive gym workout and aids in speedy muscle recovery.

Weight Training:

Studies show that Citrulline plays a crucial role in weight training without causing any side effects. A study was done on 20 athletes, and significant improvement was assessed. The whole group of participants was able to perform 50% repetitions after using Citrulline malate for weeks compared to placebo. In addition to that, muscle soreness level was reduced from 60% to 35%. Another group of researchers claims that frequent use of Citrulline also increases lower body weight training performance.


Dosage for Citrulline is not yet confirmed, but multiple experts claim that athletes should use 3-6 grams and L- Citrulline almost 8grams a day. However, the dosage varies as 1.75grams of Citrulline malate offers 1 gram of L- Citrulline, and the remaining .75grams are malate.