Best Poker App In India To Win Real Money


Best Poker App In India To Win Real Money

Pre-requisites of Credible Real Money Poker Apps Must Allow Multi-table Poker Experience Playing on a single table might be a smart choice for begin

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Pre-requisites of Credible Real Money Poker Apps

Must Allow Multi-table Poker Experience

Playing on a single table might be a smart choice for beginners; however, experts can play on multiple tables simultaneously. This increases their chances of winning higher amounts and encourages their mind to multi-task and challenge themselves.

Skilled poker players usually don’t go for applications that only offer them one table experience. They do not want to limit their capability of playing real money poker game and win more games on an average. Adhering to users’ demands, the best real money poker apps offer up to eight tables for such experts who can play large tables single-handedly.

So, what should be your go-to application to get such advanced features?

Our answer would definitely be PokerBaazi. We are not saying this just for the sake of it but will offer you some valid proofs that will surely change your mind.

  • Secured Transactions  

Remember, in the previous discussion, we talked about the importance of investing in a real money games app that offers a secure payment channel. PokerBaazi understands its users’ genuine fear and provides an SSL certification.

For people who don’t know, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, responsible for protecting credit card payments, logins, and data transfer. Application with such certification can be fully trusted while making payments and accessing withdrawals online.

  • No Scope for Cheating

We had heard so many instances when the best money earning apps for real money were fixing numbers, not allowing anyone to win it. This disheartens the players and questions the credibility of the industry.  PokerBaazi is RNG certified by an independent third party for fair play. RNG or Random Number Generator certificate is offered after iTech labs have tested that the game’s outcomes are purely random.

This means there is no scope for any fraudulent activity, and you can easily play real money poker on the app. The online poker room is free from all safety allegations deeply integrated into the people’s mindset.  

  • Grand Promotions

PokerBaazi provides you with some irresistible promotional offers which are real and credible. The website mentions in-depth details about those offers that you can grab. Some of their extremely lucrative promotions include-

  • Free Entry Tournaments worth 30Lakhs every month
  • 10K Depositors Freerolls for new & aspiring players
  • Daily 50K GTD
  • 100% Deposit Bonus
  • Loyalty Rewards on Cash Games
  • Micro, low, mid, and high stakes tournaments across multiple variants

Many such offers are released every week to encourage players. However, this will sound much more fun when you actually play it.

  • Brilliant User Experience   

The PokerBaazi app offers an advanced user experience to its players. Every element of this platform is neatly placed which enables effective navigation. You can also customize the table themes, change avatars, and enjoy hilarious emojis throughout the game.

The real money poker app is a one-stop solution for every problem. It contains a separate column where you can manage your online poker finances and access multiple sources of payments such as Net Banking, UPI, Mobile Wallets, Debit Cards, Credit Cards and more.

  • 24*7 Customer Support

As a newbie, it’s possible that you might not understand the working of the application or have issues accessing the features. Owing to this, PokerBaazi offers 24*7 customer support service to users for game-related queries.

However, most of the common questions that might come to your mind are already answered in the FAQ section on its website. If you are still facing ongoing issues, contacting customer care via chat or email is a quick option.

We can smell your excitement and hope you win big numbers while playing your favorite game of poker. If you liked what you read, this might be the right time to download PokerBaazi on your smartphone, win your promotional offers and start having fun in one of the best real poker apps out there.