Basho Valley – Top Attractions in Skardu

Are you tired of all the places filled with tourists all the time? If so, Basho Valley is a top attraction in Skardu for you. It is among the most beautiful places in the region.

This remote valley is famous for its majestic beauty and charm. Being surrounded by snowcapped mountains, the Basho Valley is a paradise you wish to see.

The valley is approximately 11,800 feet above sea level. Furthermore, the height gives it the advantage of being a perfect location for trekking and camping. It would not be wrong to call this place among the most beautiful tourist destinations in Gilgit Baltistan.

The day view of the valley is a mixture of streams and green plains, however, the night view is something you should not miss. Due to no population, the sky is clear at night. You can see hundreds of stars filling the sky.

This tour guide to Basho Valley by Travel Guide Ideas will give you an overview of the Basho valley. Know what to expect on your visit to the valley.

History Of Basho Valley

This beautiful piece of land remained unknown to the world till 1892. A British mountaineer, William Martin Conway, discovered this valley.

It is said that Conway was inspired by Matsuo Basho. He was a Japanese poet. Due to his inspiration, he named the valley Basho Valley.

The word Basho means Raisin in the local language. (The local language of Basho Valley is Balti). The valley is famous for making raisins with grapes. Therefore the name suits well to the valley.

After Conway, the valley remained unexplored for a long time. However, in the 1950s, an expedition was climbing the Bashi Glacier. During their stay, they explored the valley completely.

Weather Of Basho Valley

The weather in Basho Valley is truly amazing. Although close to Skardu, the weather is colder than in Skardu. Do not expect to feel hot in this valley. Even the hottest months are pleasant in this valley.

The temperature stays between 15°C to 20°C during summer. In addition, there is rain at least once a week during summer.

Winters are comparatively harsh. The temperature stays between -15°C to -25°C. There is excessive snowfall as well.

Distance Of Basho Valley From Skardu

Basho Valley is 42.0 km away from Skardu. It can take approximately 2 hours to reach the valley from the main Skardu city.

(NOTE: The time might change, depending on the road conditions and weather)

How To Reach Basho Valley

Reaching Basho Valley is easy through a jeep. Your adventurous journey will start from Skardu. From the city, you will travel on Karakoram Highway for at least 2 hours.

On your way, you will cross Ayub Bridge, Kachura, Tshari, and Bagardu. If you have enough time, you can make a few stops and admire the beauty of these places.

The highway is in a good condition. However, after the highway, the condition will change. Now you have to travel on a rather dangerous road. It is a muddy and sloppy road.

This dangerous jeep track is almost 11 km long. Although hazardous, this route is very adventurous.

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Best Places To Visit In Basho Valley

Basho Valley is among the top attractions in Skardu. It is among those few places where there are not many tourists. Travel Guide Ideas has listed these places you can visit on your trip to the valley.

  • Basho Waterfall
  • Chocolate Rock Basho
  • Basho Meadows

Basho Waterfall

This waterfall is located near the bridge of Basho Valley. Although hard to believe, this waterfall is not natural. The water source of this waterfall is a hydel power plant.

Although it is artificial, the beauty of the waterfall is beyond words. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Basho Valley. You can easily spend a few hours here.

Chocolate Rock Basho

Another famous attraction in Basho Valley that you do not want to miss is Chocolate rock. As the name suggests, the rock is similar to chocolate.

The unique appearance of the rock will immediately catch your eye. The color and the shine of the rock make it look like very big blocks of chocolates.

The chocolate rock of Basho is approximately 1 hour away from Skardu. It is next to the Basho Valley bridge.

Basho Meadows

Do you love lush green fields? Basho Meadows is the perfect choice for you. It is a lush green grassland approximately 3.5 hours away from the main Skardu city.

These meadows are the main sources of pasturing the cattle. You will see a lot of locals out here with their goats, sheep, and cows. During summer, most locals move to these meadows for the sake of their cattle.

During summer, the grassland is lush green and gives the best view to your eyes. It is a must-visit place, especially during summer. Moreover, the place is perfect for camping as well as getting organic food.

Where To Stay in Basho Valley

Staying in Basho Valley for a night can be a problem. There are only two guest houses in the valley. These guest houses belong to the first department. You have to book them before going there.

Although they are in good condition, there is an issue with the electricity. Moreover, running water is also an issue. The locals will arrange hot water for you though.

Furthermore, the campsite near the river also offers two camps. If camping is your reason for visiting Basho Valley, these destinations are the best. Basho Valley is a remote area, therefore, you will have to bring your camping gear.

(NOTE: Bring your sleeping bag as well)

Wildlife in Basho Valley

It would not be wrong to call Basho Valley a paradise for all wildlife lovers. You can witness some of the rare animals here. Moreover, Markhor (The national animal of Pakistan) can be seen in the lands of Basho Valley.

However, rare animals like deer, snow leopards, and ibex are also seen in the valley. A national park was constructed to protect these animals in 2003.

Activities to do in Basho Valley

Although the best thing to do in Basho Valley is site seeing. The landscape and the surrounding areas are so beautiful that it would be hard to do anything else.

However, travel guide ideas have gathered a few additional activities that you can do while on a vacation.

  • Camping
  • Picnic
  • Fishing
  • Explore wildlife
  • Trekking/Hiking

Things To Keep In Mind

While packing for the trip, do not forget that this area is remote. There are not many facilities here. Therefore, bring everything you need from home. Otherwise, make a stop in Skardu for shopping.

You will not find any hotels here. However, the locals will cook food for you in exchange for money. You will have to give them food items. Moreover, you will also have to inform authorities before camping for safety.

The people here are not much exposed to the outer world. Since the tourism ratio is also low, people are a little conservative. It is best to not move around without permission from the locals.

(NOTE: Go to the village with an invitation. Otherwise, you might offend locals)


Internet And Network

Do not expect to find wifi in Basho Valley. The only network that works here is SCOM. In addition, those signals also come on specific points. There are no signals from other networks.

However, you can hike a few miles from the village area to find the signals. These signals will help you dial a call. There is no possibility of posting on your social media accounts from here.

Reasons To Visit Basho Valley

Are you thinking about the reasons to visit the valley? Travel Guide ideas have compiled a list of very convincing reasons. These reasons are good enough for you to plan a trip to this top attraction in Skardu.


  • Affordable Travel Destination
  • The Breathtaking Views
  • Unforgettable Destination
  • Rich History and Unique Culture
  • Plenty of Outdoor Adventures

Affordable Travel Destination

Budget is one of the most common issues when planning a trip. However, Basho valley does not have any such issue. The place is quite affordable. The accommodation is very cheap.

Moreover, you will be bringing most of the things from home, thus there won’t be much money problem. Besides the activities here are also budget-friendly activities.

The Breathtaking Views

One thing that you should never worry about when traveling to Basho Valley is the view. The place has the view of some fairy tale. The entire valley is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Be it the water of the lake or the snow-covered mountains, the place is blessed with natural beauty and breathtaking views. Moreover, the backdrop of mountains makes it worth the visit.

Rich History and Unique Culture

Basho Valley is among those few places in Pakistan where tourists have not rushed. Therefore, most of the sites here are still in their original form.

The history and the culture here represent the actual color of Pakistan. Thus, visiting here is worth every minute of your time.

Plenty of Outdoor Adventures

Are you an outdoor activity lover? If so, Basho Valley is going to be your next favorite holiday destination in Pakistan. Being a hill station, the place has many hiking and trekking options.

Many mountain climbers have been to this place and loved its charm. A valley is also a good option for camping. You can camp near the river. Waking up in Basho Valley is the best experience to have.

Final Thoughts

Going on a vacation once a year is a healthy activity. It takes away the stress from your mind. Basho Valley is a place that holds the power of bringing peace to your mind.

It is a less crowded place with the tranquility that will bless your mind. This guide by Travel Guide ideas will help you have a better trip to this heavenly place in Pakistan.


Where is Basho Valley?

Valley of Basho Skardu is a town in Gilgit Baltistan’s Roundu Division in the Skardu District. It is nearly 11,800 feet above sea level and is famous for its breathtaking scenery.

How many days are enough in Basho Valley?

A week-long trip to the valley is enough. During this time, you can do camping, trekking, and fishing. You can also enjoy the night view of this beautiful place.

What is the distance of Basho Valley from Skardu?

Basho Valley is 42.0 km away from Skardu. It can take approximately 2 hours to reach the valley from the main Skardu city.

Are there hotels in Basho Valley? 

There are only two guest houses in the valley. These guest houses belong to the first department. You have to book them before going there.

Is Basho Valley a remote area? 

Yes, Basho valley is a remote area. There are not many facilities. You will have to stop at Skardu market for shopping things.

What is the height of Basho Valley?

Basho Valley is approximately 11,800 feet above sea level. It is a cold region of Pakistan that stays cold even during winter.

Can I do shopping in Basho Valley? 

Finding shopping malls or other such shops in Basho Valley is not possible. However, you can shop from Skardu or Hunza.

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