Avoid Making These Big Mistakes with Your GMB Listing

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Avoid Making These Big Mistakes with Your GMB Listing

What is a GMB Listing page? Google My Business is a drive-by marketing tactic used by many businesses. The primary purpose of this tool is to drive t

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What is a GMB Listing page?

Google My Business is a drive-by marketing tactic used by many businesses. The primary purpose of this tool is to drive traffic to your website, but it can also be used for promoting your products and services.

How does Google My Business (GMB Listing) work?

Google My Business is a powerful tool for marketing your small business. It enables you to post your location, allow more general posting of business hours, and accept the support of professional online media such as forums and blogs.

Many people start their own GMB listing pages using this function. However, they often make some fundamental mistakes when using it. These mistakes can affect their SEO when searching for their location, as well as their response from members in particular locations.

Why do you need a GMB listing?

You need a GMB (General Management) listing to run your business. Why? Because without this kind of recognition from investors, you might never see your business mature into a sustainable business that can offer huge returns over time.

• GMB listing is an important tool for marketing and any other business success. As per an emerging affordable ghostwriting services, a good GMB listing will help you avail of the opportunities you miss.

• It enables you to reach your marketing and sales goals and establish a reputable relationship with clients that lasts.

• You can sell more goods and services through your local listings.

• You can get access to new business opportunities and generate more leads.

• The purpose of the list is to help service providers find new suppliers and business opportunities.

• It allows potential investors to see you as someone who is a serious player in the industry.

• Google listing can save you money in the long run because there are fewer costs involved in contacting potential customers.

What GMB listing mistakes you need to avoid:

You’re just starting out in internet marketing and need to build your portfolio. Or you’re an established internet marketer with years of experience and want to expand your reach. Whatever your reason for wanting a GMB listing, there are mistakes you can make that will significantly hinder your chances of success.

My goal here isn’t to discourage you but to help you avoid making these kinds of mistakes. GMB marketing is a growth industry, and as such, mistakes are inevitable. To succeed in this area, you’re going to need to consistently monitor results and consider taking calculated risks where appropriate. What are some of the biggest mistakes that people make when they get started on the right foot with their business? So many! So here are some mistakes that you need to avoid.

Following are the Mistakes that you need to avoid at all cost:

• When creating your content for the GMB page, make sure you are keeping your titles relevant and easy to read. You don’t want to share your business message in a way that is difficult to understand.
• When providing your information, make sure your address details are accurate.

• Ensure that you write a great description with accurate information

• If you are targeting your audience correctly, you are making a big mistake for the google business page.

• You are using GMB as a traffic source rather than a local discovery platform.

• You have not provided a link from your website to google my business page (or home page if you don’t have a website)

• Failing to optimize GMB listing for the right keywords

• You are not listing your business on GMB. Well, that the biggest mistake you will do when it comes to sharing about your business for brand awareness.

• You are using poor-quality video/images for the business promotion. Remember, this will not lead to your business rejection. Your audience wants to see the real brand so that they could trust it.

• You are copying and pasting directly from your website into the description section. You need to provide unique yet relevant information so that there is no content duplication.

• You’re using duplicate content that is illegally copied from other sources.

• Oh well, this is an important one! You have not provided your details of locations. And if you have provided, they are incorrect.

• You do not have a description
• There are no customer reviews on your GMB page.

• Business website is not linked to your GMB page.

• There are no images of your products.

• You have given nothing about you and your business that makes you different from other competitors in the area that offers the same service or product as you do.

• One more time, bad or no photos are a no-no for your brand reputation.

• You have written a bad description of your business.

• Although I have mentioned this earlier, for the sake of clarity, you need to provide an accurate business phone number in the description.

• There are duplicate listings across multiple sites.

• Your business name is not in the title tags across all pages.

• Your business hours are not on there on your page. If your customers don’t know at what time your business is open or close, they will have difficulty in keeping up with you.

• Your business page is not optimizing the image for mobile devices.

• There is no site map.

• Your social media accounts are not linked to your listing.

• It’s a great thing you have a business name. But what could be bad is that your business name is not your GMB page name?

• Your contact information is not up to date.

• No reviews or testimonials of the clients are mentioned.

• The GMB business page is completely invisible. If you are not seen, no one can buy from you.

• Providing business address that is inaccurate

• You have not segmented your customer base. Neither do you make customized offers relevant to their search?

• The GMB page is not consistent.

• If you have a history of creating spammy or misleading links, then you will still see those effects on the search engine results page (SERP).

• The GMB page is not SEO optimized.

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