Why Avast Firewall not Starting on Windows 10 (Quick Solution)


Why Avast Firewall not Starting on Windows 10 (Quick Solution)

Your Operating system needs a firewall as it protects your files from external attacks, makes them more secure, and protects them against vulnerabilit

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Your Operating system needs a firewall as it protects your files from external attacks, makes them more secure, and protects them against vulnerabilities. You can choose from multiple Avast security suites for PC, Mac, or Android. It offers Free Antivirus, Internet Security suites, and Premier Edition programs. 

The Avast Firewall is built into its various packages, and although it’s better than the native firewall provided by Windows, it still has some limitations. On opening Avast, you find that Avast Firewall won’t start, and you see an apostrophe over your Avast icon on the toolbar.  

Many users have complained about this issue of “Avast won’t turn on Windows 10”, and keeping in mind the well-being of our users we have prepared this short blog where you will get all the information you need to know about issues occurring on Avast. Also, Here are some Quick troubleshoot, that you can follow to solve this issue.

Solutions to try to fix the turn Issue of Avast – 

Scanning of the computer you are using

Your Firewall could be disabled because of a malicious file that is present on your device. It is very much possible that such types of files are restricting the working of Avast and causing the problem of the Avast firewall not starting. 

So, to fix this you have to scan your computer and fix the errors occurring. 

Windows firewall to be turned off 

  • The first step will be to open the control panel and look for the file named Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Now, navigate Windows Defender Firewall on or off option and click on it. 
  • At this step hit the radio button beside the Turn of Windows Firewall option. 
  • Once you are done with all the procedures you can close the Control panel. 

Reboot the operating system

Even removing malware and cleaning registry entries won’t turn on Avast Firewall. It is possible that the problem will persist even after a thorough cleaning. A manual reboot would be appropriate in such a case. Start Avast and on the Firewall option, click “Start” to reactivate the firewall after your PC has restarted.

Check your Avast Settings

In some cases, just because a conflicting program is stopped, the firewall does not automatically launch. Launch Avast after restarting your computer. To activate the firewall, click “Firewall,” then “Start.” Try clearing your application rules in the Firewall menu to see if one of those rules is causing a problem with your firewall, too.

Repair Your Installation

Fixing the problem with your Avast installation can sometimes be as simple as repairing it through Windows. In order to repair Avast, open the Control Panel, choose “View by,” “Large Icons,” “Programs and Features,” then “Avast.” The program will then be repaired and you may start using the firewall again.

Reinstall and remove

You can also use Avast Clear to completely uninstall Avast (link in Resources) if you still can’t start your firewall. Press “F8” repeatedly while holding down “Shift” to launch Windows in safe mode before running the utility. Choose “See Advanced Repair Options” and then click “Troubleshoot | Advanced Options | Windows Startup Settings | Restart.” Once in safe mode, install Avast from a CD or the site, and take note of any firewall issues that you are experiencing.


All of these methods may have worked for you. It can be challenging to work with and maintain Avast. Therefore, you must use it carefully. The software is very advanced and more effective than any other anti-virus. As this article shows, it requires maintenance. We at Worldzo.net share blogs related to the technical issues of the category Emails, Softwares, Windows, Internet, and many more. Visit us to learn more.

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