Amazon Listing Services to Optimize Your Amazon Store – KenjiROI


Amazon Listing Services to Optimize Your Amazon Store – KenjiROI

Amazon Listing Services

Listing optimization is a practice of upgrading your amazon product pages to improve visibility and ranking. The process includes using relevant keywo

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Listing optimization is a practice of upgrading your amazon product pages to improve visibility and ranking. The process includes using relevant keywords, text, images, Content, and an increase of reviews. If you are a new seller and have limited knowledge about Amazon Listing Services?

Do not worry! We will uncover some helpful knowledge that will help you to optimize your listing.

Below are the major approaches to Amazon listing optimization.
  • Keywords research and on-page activities 
  • Product images, text, and Content 
  • Question Answers 

Amazon Listing Keyword Optimization 

You should know that a relevant keyword is required for the product to appear in Amazon search results. If your product is not optimized with appropriate keywords, your product will not be visible to the customers. You can hire an Amazon copywriter for the purpose. A copywriter is an expert who uses different tactics to search highly relevant keywords with low completion and add them into your listing for better results. However, if you are on a budget and can’t avail of the services of an expert Amazon copywriter, you can do it yourself. 

You should spare some time and conduct extensive keyword research to find appropriate keywords for your listing. These days several keywords tools are available free of cost. You can make good use of them and optimize your listing with high searched keywords. After the research is complete, you have to place them in your listing with a bit tactic. Consider the below points. 


Product Titles can-blazon. Product title is everything; you need to ensure that your title is simple and easy to read. Moreover, you should place almost five keywords. However, amazon’s new raking algorithm says it is not a compulsion. Therefore, you need to make your title descriptive and scan-able.

Backend Keywords: You must add almost 249 bytes into the ‘search terms’ (also known as generic keywords). If you used more than 249 bytes, amazon would not add them to your listing.

Product Descriptions: Amazon has a structured way of writing product descriptions, which include five bullet points. You can place your keywords in these points but ensure that it does not affect the content clarity. You can also hire an SEO copywriter to get the job done for you.

More Details: You can add additional information such the as the Contententntent of the product and colours, sizes as sometimes customer searches through filters of size and colorsContent.

Optimize Content: If you are launching multiple products and busy with other tasks, click-through all yourself AMAZON LISTING SERVICES that offer a complete package on listing optimization, including optimizing title content and images of your listing. In case you want to perform your task yourself, you can follow the below information.

Content optimization plays a crucial role in listing as it increases the click-through rate(CTR) and conversation rate. Both, in return, contribute to bringing more customers and increase sales.

Below are three crucial points, which might help in improviContentent of your product listing

  • Information on product content
  • Contents of product
  • Pictures

Optimize for Humans and Algorithms:

You should follow the below rules while writing your product descriptions, bullet point’s titles, and images.

Relevant information:

A customer cannot touch and feel the product in an online world, unlike he does while going to a market. Therefore, you need to ensure that all relevant information about the product is available in your listing, which helps the customer to click on your product. If your item does not provide information like the size of the development, colours, and appropriate use, the customer will not hesitate to move on to another loss.


No customer will buy your product until he sees any benefit here; you should add all possible uses of buying your product. It would help if you remembered that features and benefits should be mentioned separately. It means if you are stating a product’s quality. You should also explain what benefits a buyer can achieve out of this feature. Do not exaggerate; stay on point and inform the customer about the advantages of your product. Just explain how your product will offer benefits to the buyer.

Presentation: Once you have separated benefits from features, you should mention them quickly so that customers can understand them. Always effortlessly convey information to attract the customer and increase more sales.

The latest update in the Amazon algorithm has brought EBC (Enhanced brand content) that offers you an excellent opportunity for stunningly displaying your products. It is also known as A+ Content that enables the combination of images and text to generate unique and high-quality product content. Using EBC brings fruitful results and also builds the brand image, and wins customer trust. Once you have registered for the Brand Registry program, you will get the EBC feature and fill the vacant position of Amazon copywriter.

The most crucial point to remember is that many amazon shoppers operate from mobile and the screen shows 2, 3 bullet points at first look. Therefore, always mention important information in the first bullet points to attract more customers and increase sales.

Image optimization:

The first thing at which a buyer looks is the product image. Thus, they have more Click through rates. There are two categories of amazon product images, which include the main idea and additional. images

Main Image: As the images are an easy option for increasing the click-through rate, you have to ensure that your main image complies with all amazon guidelines. You should display an image, which contains white background and does not have any shadows. You should ensure that product is not too much on the left or right side; I should be right in the middle of your background.

Additional images: Additional images are other than the main image, which are known as lifestyle images. You should ensure your photos show the uses of the product. It will help the customer to make his decision whether he wants to buy the product or not.