Aluminium Formwork- A tried and tested technology!

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Aluminium Formwork- A tried and tested technology!

Rapid urbanization has led to a significant increase in demand for the construction of housing and commercial projects. Aluminium formwork is a relati

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Rapid urbanization has led to a significant increase in demand for the construction of housing and commercial projects. Aluminium formwork is a relatively new technology to form casts in place of concrete structures. Aluminium formwork manufacturers provide both sale and rental services to their customers pan India.

The rise in demand for Aluminium formwork in the construction sector is due to many factors. Some of these are enumerated below:

Cost-effective – The formwork can be used multiple times using unskilled labour. Simple construction workers can install it using a hammer and spanners. The salvage value of aluminium formwork is also very high. So, even after it has been used several times, the waste is worth a lot of money.
Environment friendly – Aluminium formwork is environment friendly as it considerably reduces the use of timber that was conventionally used for the same purpose. Besides, the aluminium formwork provides better support than the timber panels.
Saves time – As it eliminates the need for plastering, it saves up to 50% construction time. The aluminium panels can be erected and dismantled in very little time thereby ensuring faster delivery of under-construction projects.
Superior quality – The architectural dimensions are kept in mind while manufacturing these panels as per the requirement. The formwork can withstand high pressure and temperature conditions.
Safety – Safety is of utmost priority while manufacturing the formwork. External brackets are fixed at two levels on the outside of the formwork to avoid any untoward incident.
Easy to erect and dismantle – Aluminium being a lightweight metal, these structures are assembled and removed easily within no time. Skilled labour is not required for this purpose, further reducing the overhead cost. Pins and wedges are used to lock the vertical and horizontal members of the formwork. It takes only 24 to 72 hours to dismantle these for subsequent use.
Durable and versatile – Aluminium formwork can be easily customized according to the design.
Repetitive use- The structure earthquake resistant and can be used around 300 times if handled properly. The overall construction cost is considerably reduced, making it the first choice of most builders.
Convenient – The formwork can be easily transported from one place to another using manpower. Cranes and other heavy machinery is not required.
Smooth finish – Aluminium formwork gives a smooth finish to the concrete which is distinctly visible after the formwork is removed. Moreover, as all the parts of the formwork can be used again, so there is no waste left on site.
Aluform technology – This technology incorporates the electrical and plumbing requirements into its design, thereby reducing the risk of any mishap during construction. Moreover, it is very cost-effective as the chances of any defect or irregularity are negligible. Suppliers of Aluform designs can guide you about the different options available, making it easy to decide the best one for you.

Conclusion :
Aluminium formwork is a unique, simple, time-saving, adaptable technology that is being widely used not only in India but in other developed countries of the world.