9 notable features of crystal reports | Business Reporting


9 notable features of crystal reports | Business Reporting

Features of crystal reports - Before heading straight for the features of crystal reports, understand the crystal reporting a bit. Crystal report t

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Features of crystal reports – Before heading straight for the features of crystal reports, understand the crystal reporting a bit.

Crystal report though existing for many years, has gained much spotlight in recent years. For instance, these reports offer intelligent reporting to small businesses and large corporations.

Crystal reports serve as a Windows-based report writer solution for dynamic and actionable business reports for reports. It helps design, explore, and visualize the business intelligence and relevant information via reports.

In short, Crystal Reports software is an integrated development environment, and Crystal Reports Hosting makes it practicable for you.

Exclusive features of Crystal Reports 

A tech-based reporting system has got plenty of splendid features. Here we list all of them.

Easy interaction with various data sources permission

Business intelligence and relevant information, not to mention, is available in various data sources. So crystal reports make it easy to interact with all these data sources and develop advanced-level reports.

No Middle Layers’ Intervention 

Crystal Reports help circumvent the intervention of middle layers like Universes.

features of crystal reports

Smooth interaction with SAP HANA

SAP HANA works for Big Data processing and analytics. It avails of an in-memory database built-in for transactional and analytical workloads (with any data type) on a single data copy. Also, it stores the information in different databases and in different forms and makes them readily available to other applications.

Crystal Reports allows easy interaction with SAP HANA and streamlines the reporting.

Pixel-perfect, rich formatted Report Design

You can devour your reports with stunning visuals and even change if the design or layout isn’t your taste. With the Report Design Canvas, you can design the report structure. Whatever elements you like – charts, test elements, data objects, ruler option, etc.

Report Management and Delivery

Crystal Reports not only help in report creation but also aids in report management. Format richly and multi-page reports delivery without any restriction is another hallmark. Also, the crystal reports allow the users for the administrator rights via Web Interface for Crystal Enterprise. So, mass publishing and mass deleting of the reports are allowed.

Seamless Navigation

Crystal reports have GUI navigation. GUI stands for Graphical User Interface that avail of the icons/ menus/ mouse to let the users have excellent interaction with the system. Eventually, with this navigation system, users can create, format, and publish the data and reports without trouble.

Live Connection to External Data

Data analysis requires extensive data copying and is pretty time-eating, and is often subjected to errors. However, connecting to external data helps evaluate the data without repeatedly copying the data.

Furthermore, this connection also assists in automatically refreshing/ updating the data. So this is one of the favorable features of crystal reports.

Multi-Data Source Reporting

We already mentioned the various data sources interlinkage. Similarly, crystal reports as software let you create two detailed sections on the same level. Eventually, you can create multiple sub-reports and then bind them with multiple data sources using Dataset. As the end product, you can get data from multiple data sources in a single report.

  • OLAP & ROLAP for Business Intelligence

Business intelligence uses OLAP and ROLAP for report writing and data mining.

OLAP is a short form for online analytical processing and is a method to answer multi-dimensional analytical queries. OLAP data is stored in cubes and not in tables, so it requires pre-processed cube representation.

On the other side, ROLAP stands for Relational online analytical processing, which is a type of OLAP that carries out the dynamic multi-dimensional analysis of data. However, this data should be stored in a relational database instead of a multi-dimensional database to in turn generate the SQL queries to calculate information. Also, it does not need the pre-computation and storage of information.

So crystal reports leverage both OLAP and ROLAP, which trigger the rapid analysis of large sets of aggregated data and create business reports.

Crystal Reports Hosting

You can turn on all the said benefits for your business by opting for Crystal Reports Hosting. Navicosoft offers Crystal Reports with Asp.net MVC. The servers are mapped to provide 100% compatibility and excellent performance. Not to mention the uptime, resources scalability, and security are up to par. It signifies using the constructive tech solution to drive the business performance, relying on strong report generation.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Crystal Reports Hosting and develop reports for any database or structured file format easily?