7 Ways to Wear a Long Maxi

Long Maxi dresses are relatively long dresses with an emphasis on the skirt. They can be worn to any occasion for added style and elegance, but they a

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Long Maxi dresses are relatively long dresses with an emphasis on the skirt. They can be worn to any occasion for added style and elegance, but they are most popular during the summertime because of their loose fit. This article will tell you how to wear a maxi dress so that it looks good no matter what your body type maybe!

7 ways to wear it!

(1) Pair your long maxi dress with a pair of ankle boots. This will make the dress a little more casual and easygoing. (2) A classy way to wear a maxi dress is by pairing it with some classic black or brown shoes. These kinds of shoes are pretty versatile, meaning they go great with any kind of socks from tights to knee-high socks. Also, higher heels can work well with them as long as you choose ones that aren’t higher than 3 inches high. (3) A really cute look for a date with your boyfriend is to wear the maxi dress with some chunky heels and a pair of dramatic earrings. (4) Another cute look, which would also be perfect for a summer day, is to wear your maxi dress with some strappy sandals and matching jewellery. Add on a straw hat if you’re going somewhere outside! (5) Wear your long dress with a jean jacket and sneakers. This will give it more of an athletic vibe than formal. (6) A simple and comfy outfit idea is to pair your maxi dress with some flats or loafers and leave your hair down. It’s casual but stylishly so! (7) If you want to dress up this summer style, wear the maxi with higher heels, a statement neckline and a cropped fur jacket. This will make you look super classy!

Top tips

A long maxi is a dress that is typically made from a flowing material such as chiffon. These dresses typically have spaghetti straps and will cling to your body in order to show off your figure. They can be worn for any occasion, but wear them carefully as they can sometimes look less than flattering if not worn properly.

1. Size​ it up! A big part of looking good in any outfit is the size, this includes your dress. Make sure you take into account your bust, waist and hips when sizing your dress up. 2. Neckline​ matters Most dresses are designed with an open back or halter neckline, which are perfect for creating that slimming effect achieved by most maxis. 3. Backs​ and shoulders Many maxi dresses will have a keyhole or V-Back, which can be good for showing off your assets, but also show just how much padding you might need! The same goes with long sleeves as this can highlight areas such as your armpits and upper arms. 4. Choosing​ an outfit You might think that one dress is enough for any event, but they are not always perfect at creating the look you want them to create. A dress can be worn with many different types of accessories, but many tops can be just as fashionable. 5. Accessories​ are your friend. Many people use accessories to create an outfit for their body shape, so not only should you think about what you wear on your feet but also around your neck and waist!

Ready for summer?

Long maxi is perfect in the summer because it will keep you cool. You want to make sure that your body is comfortable in the heat. However, there are many ways in which you can transform your maxi dress for summer.

Keeping your arms bare will keep you the most comfortable, but adding light accessories such as a jean jacket or straw hat is an easy way to create more interest and style with your long dress. You can also wear wedges, sandals or other heels depending on the occasion. Heels are perfect if you are going somewhere nicer where you need to look put together! Regardless of what type of shoe you decide to wear, make sure that they are closed to the toe.

With hot weather comes sweat, so remember to wear deodorant to ensure freshness. It does not hurt to carry a little bit of perfume with you either if there is an occasion where this may come in handy. Be aware that some perfumes can irritate people around you, especially if they have allergies or sensitive skin! Also, while carrying around perfume may sound like a good idea at first, keep in mind that it can also attract unwanted attention from other people.


Today, the long maxi dress is one of the most popular dresses in women’s wardrobes. There are so many different ways to wear a maxi dress for summer and you can find your perfect match with our guide! We hope these 7 style tips help you create an outfit that will leave people wondering what you’re wearing and where they can get it too.