7 Most Beautiful Train Journeys for Your #Wanderlust

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7 Most Beautiful Train Journeys for Your #Wanderlust

Two years of lockdown are too much to rejuvenate the travel bug in everybody. Now, people want to travel just to come out of their house, no matter wh

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Two years of lockdown are too much to rejuvenate the travel bug in everybody. Now, people want to travel just to come out of their house, no matter where they travel to. So, even though the situations have not been entirely in control and there is a new variant every time we open our eyes, there are some relaxations for travel and tourism in India.  

Online train ticket booking also has started for almost all locations, and people are going frenzy over their wish to come out of the house. Compared to the older times when travelling was a means to explore new places, have fun in challenging adventures, meet new people, and so much more, now it is a means to take a break from monotony.   

People do not sit and plan for trips. Now, they only look for the weather changes and the best place to visit during such times. Then, with the availability of online websites and mobile-based applications for train ticket booking, they directly book the tickets. Could you imagine that planning a trip to some of the beautiful places in India would be so quick?  

Journeying on a train  

Travelling is already a blessing in itself. And when you get to travel on a train, it is an added advantage. When on a train, the surreal experience is something that makes the journey even more enjoyable. There are only a few people in India who do not choose trains as they travel medium; only if the trains are not available or there is an emergency.   

And with time, trains have advanced a lot. There are simple trains, and then you can find the luxury ones like the Palace on Wheels. For people who love the grandeur and tradition of royalty, this train is one of the best. And what is best is that it is the living epitome of what we call a dream journey to the final destination.   

So, if you have checked the online train ticket booking sites and applications, you might have seen some packed trains. Those are the ones that offer a beautiful and serene experience as they run through the mountain ranges and offer you a view that is no less than heaven. The following are a few of the many mesmerizing train journeys that make your voyage worth the memories.   

Jammu Baramulla line  

The Baramulla district is one of the most favourite tourist destinations for people in India. There is a great excursion opportunity to Gulmarg, Jammu Kashmir Valley tour, Apharwat Peak, Rani Temple, Kongdori, etc. And to perfectly enjoy every moment, you can book your tickets for the Jammu Baramulla line. These rail tracks lay beside the mountains, and the picturesque beauty would make your trip worth the while.  

Jaisalmer-Jodhpur line  

The royal cities of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur lie in the state of Rajasthan. These are yet another most favourite place for travel and tourism. Rajasthan is deemed to be all about dunes and deserts. But to make the trip a little more exciting, you can make the online train ticket booking for the royal trains that run through the route.  

Hubli-Madgaon route  

When going between these locations, you can have the most enchanting experiences. The route is surrounded by valleys, and the tracks cross through the magnificent Dudhsagar falls. Indian railways operate from Hubli in Karnataka to Madgaon in Goa too. So, you have the best travelling option. If you wish to experience cascading sceneries on your way, nothing can supersede the journey by a train.  

Karjat-Lonavala trip  

These rail tracks pass through the Western Ghats and offer an excellent view throughout. Monsoon is the best to go to these locations. And, as a cherry on the cake, travelling via train gives you an even better reason for online train ticket booking for Karjat and Lonavala vacation. This ride is all about sceneries, greenery, and fantastic weather throughout with the fragrance of wet Indian soil.   

Jalpaiguri-Darjeeling route  

Jalpaiguri is an area with flat terrain. And Darjeeling, the opposite, is a hill station of the Himalayas. The journey on a train between the destinations will be an enchanting experience. You can feel the cool breeze running through your face, and you can be so close to nature. If the sky is free of clouds, you can also notice the Kanchenjunga Mountain range.   


This train route is indubitably a delight for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. This route is also known as the Dooars Voyage and was recently developed into a broad-gauge track. You might definitely see this train when you open the website or application on your phone for online train ticket booking. It would be best if you were quick to book as this train usually runs full.   

Kothavalasa – Koraput – Kirandul  

This rail route belongs to the East Coast Railway Zone and covers three states of India. The distance between the courses is 445 km, and 48 stations come on the way. The altitude is 1000 meters above sea level, and this is the first aspect that makes this train route one of the most adventurous. You might feel clouds through your fingers too. So, if you wish to experience like you are on the ninth cloud literally, you must book your tickets for this train.   

Summing up  

Online train ticket booking websites and applications have made things much easier for travellers. When you plan a trip, you have to take your phones and search for the trains running on the route. You can see the arrival time to your location, reaching time to the destination, and even the stoppage between stations.   

All these facilities allow you to plan a scheduled trip without having to waste any minute. And this article has been curated for the avid travellers who give importance to the journey and want to look at nature and natural beauty uniquely.   

So, if you are also one of those who wish to enjoy every moment of the travelling expedition, you must choose trains as your voyage medium.   

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