7 Food Packaging Trends for Smooth Delivery


7 Food Packaging Trends for Smooth Delivery

Food being the basic necessity of life needs not only to be edible but it must be preserved in order for the safety of consumption later on. The secur

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Food being the basic necessity of life needs not only to be edible but it must be preserved in order for the safety of consumption later on. The secure packaging of food is one of the most important ways to preserve it from being exposed into bacteria, humidity, and heat, which destroys the safety, and the taste of food.

Times change and with time, the methods and the styles of packing the items change too. There are several food chains, which deal in the takeout services and the delivery services all around the world. There are several trends of the food packaging which enhance the smooth delivery of food and this section is all about those trends.

1.    The use of technology

It is the time of internet and almost every business, to enhance and to reach a greater audience, uses internet and platforms of social media to induce more sales by targeting a greater set of audience.

Technology is still on the rise and using solutions from technology can help a food chain business in various ways. The use of QR codes on the packaging allows the customers to scan in the code and get all kinds of details about the food, product, and the business that sells it. Almost every person has a smartphone and by using the camera, a code can be decoded very easily.

Moreover, the most promising advantage by the use of these codes is that a packaging can be as plain as possible. Food packaging need not to be extra fancy, the take-outs, and the delivery services provide with the kind of packaging that is simplest of all. By the use of these codes, a customer can know everything that needs knowing.

Moreover, for food packaging, many other kinds of technology based packaging exist. For instance, the beer cups with LED lights, these lights glow and are activated by the noise around and therefore, these are used in matches and the more a person cheers, the brighter these lights will glow.

2.    Clear labeling

People are most likely to purchase a product of food item that has clearer details on it. It is because people are conscious of the things that they eat and consumer. Although it is hard to read the fine prints of the ingredients, companies and food chains are adopting several ways of transparent packaging that has clearer labelling of the contents of the food.

It helps the customers to make smart choices when purchasing the food items from a retail store or from any food chain.

3.    Portability of the case

It is important for any product to be portable in order to bring ease while carrying the product from one place to another. From retail stores or from the take-outs to the cars, homes and offices. The boxes, which are easy to carry, are the ones that gets more sales. For instance, the use of gable boxes that has handles on it brings an ease for the consumers to carry it from one place to another and brings safety for the product too.

4.    The minimal designs

Reducing the designs so that the food product fits in perfectly is known as the minimal design scheme. It is used so that the unused material stay unused and for the reason to make the packaging as compact as possible. This helps the customers to highlight the importance of packaging while not overpowering with the graphical content too. This not only helps to keep the boxing simple and plain, but it also helps to reduce the costs of the packaging.

5.    Color scheme

The color scheme mostly effects the packaging of the food items. It should always reflect the product. Using vibrant colors for the products like energy drinks, kid meals, etc. is the way to reflect the product with the colors. Around 70 percent of the people find graphics and colors of a product to be attractive, therefore, the use of colors in accordance with the products in of great value to induce the sales of food boxes and of the drinks or beverages.

6.    Sustainable packaging

Global warming is on continuous rise and people these days are supporting the businesses who offer the packaging, which is sustainable for the environment. This sustainable packaging consists of the eco-friendly packaging material like Kraft boxes, Cardboard boxes like the gable food boxes and the corrugated sheets for the packaging. Moreover, the degradable plastics are of high demand by the consumers.

7.    Vintage designs

These designs carry a nostalgic value for the consumers. They not just evoke feelings of happiness but they also look good. It is always good to remember the good time that has gone by and the term “vintage” reflects the same. Therefore, the use of these designs trigger the emotions of happiness who have gone by that time in their lives. It helps in the increased sales of food boxes wholesale.