7 Easy Tricks for More Effective Invisalign Treatment


7 Easy Tricks for More Effective Invisalign Treatment

Not only women, many men too, do a lot of weird things to look more attractive. Potato peels under the eyes and yogurt facial mask are just two exampl

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Not only women, many men too, do a lot of weird things to look more attractive. Potato peels under the eyes and yogurt facial mask are just two examples of what people do to improve their appearance. Wearing metal train tracks to the teeth is just another way to boost aesthetic appeal.

Yes, you must have guessed by now we are talking about orthodontic braces. You have to keep wearing them round the clock without any break for two years at a stretch. Braces apparently seem to be painful. But the good news is orthodontic dentistry has come along a long way to say goodbye to fixed metal braces. These days invisalign has smartly replaced the conventional metal brackets with clear transparent aligners. Achieving the perfect smile is now easier for everyone without any metal wire proudly showing itself from your mouth calling for attention.

Unlike conventional metal brackets the clear plastic aligners are equally suitable to both teenagers and adults. However, invisalign is never the only clear aligner option. These days a lot of other options are too. Certainly, invisalign is one of the most popular and widely used by a large number of people all over the world.

In the following sections of the blog pose let us explore few tips that make your invisalign treatment more effective and successful.

Keep the trays clean after every meal or snack

You have to keep wearing the aligners on your teeth for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. The crunch time when the aligners are out of the mouth is to be made usable in two ways – eating and cleaning the trays. You cannot wear the aligners while eating or having a meal. Utilise that time by soaking the plastic trays in a cleaning solution while you have your full square meal at home. You can use a cleaner solution meant for dentures to clean these plastic trays. Alternatively, a diluted mouthwash can also be used. But never try using a coloured mouthwash as that will stain the transparent aligners. Just leave the trays in the diluted solution for about 5 minutes. Then take them out. Follow this aligner cleaning regimen twice a week and not more to maintain stunning results.

Consider setting a timer

Initially you may not remember to wear the aligners back once you have taken it out. Use the timer in your smartphone to set a reminder for yourself to wear back the aligners. These gentle reminders prove helpful to keep your treatment on right track. The initial days or weeks will be tough and so you have to stick to this reminder game. Then the habit will built itself up and you will not forget. Invisalign attachments prove effective in speeding up the process of realignment for the teeth. These attachments are also known as buttons and your orthodontist will provide you with those to speed up the treatment process. Basically, these are tiny dental bonding, round in shape, and are fixed to the teeth. These buttons help in two ways – holding the aligners better or getting a better grip on your aligners and rectifies your bite more effectively.

Do brush the teeth before wearing the trays

This is a pretty hack to be truthful. But it is also crucial to not to forget during the days of the treatment. Food debris, plaque and bacteria that are on the teeth will have the chance of remaining right there for extended time period once you have worn the trays back. Therefore, you should brush the teeth every time before wearing the aligners back. If you want to have whiter tip just follow this tip – use whitening toothpaste instead of basic fluoride toothpaste to brush the teeth every time during your days with invisalign. It really works! How? The logic is quite simple. After brushing the teeth with whitening toothpaste the whitening agents hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is left on the teeth surface to perform their job. But usually, these whitening agents get washed away from the tooth surface because of saliva, other fluids as well as munching a snack. The plastic trays trap the whitening agents longer on the teeth to leave a better effect.

Carry a mini dental hygiene kit everywhere

While you are on invisalign treatment you have to brush the teeth more frequently. It is a good idea to carry a travel-size dental hygiene kit with you always wherever you go. That will save you from anxiety. Carry a tiny pouch having a miniature toothbrush, toothpaste tube (preferably with whitening or active ingredients as mentioned above), tiny floss, chewies and the aligner case. Such tiny pouches are widely available in drugstores round the corners. After having a breakfast, a quick bite, an unexpected snack or a lunch get into a washroom and brush away before wearing back the aligners.

In case the chewies slipped out of your mind you can use any of the following as a stopgap alternative – rolled up napkin, chopstick, folded business card, pen and even the tip of your thumb.

Switch over to fresh set of aligners only at night

When it is time to switch over to a fresh set of aligners discarding the existing one, do it before going to sleep at night. This way the teeth get ample time to get adjusted to the fresh aligner set.

A nail buffer is helpful

The sharp edges of the plastic trays are known to irritate the gum tissues. You have to smooth them out to resolve the problem. The tool gives you instant relief from discomfort and irritation.

A removal tool proves handy

A removal tools allows you remove the trays from the mouth without using the tips of your finger nails. Thus experienced Invisalign providers suggest carrying the tool everywhere to avoid the unhygienic scenario of putting your fingers into the mouth.

These are few hacks or tricks that you better follow while undergoing orthodontic teeth straightening using the clear plastic aligners.