7 Best EMR for Pain Management Practices in 2023


7 Best EMR for Pain Management Practices in 2023

Clueless about the right EMR solution for your pain management practice? The best EMR for pain practice will include templates for the standard proc

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Best EMR for Pain
Clueless about the right EMR solution for your pain management practice? The best EMR for pain practice will include templates for the standard procedures and issues seen by pain management specialists. They will also provide interactive diagrams, medication tracking, and recurring visits to streamline the workflow for users. To help you with your selection process, we have shortlisted the 7 best pain management EMR systems specifically designed to boost performance for your facility.

Kareo Clinical EMR

Kareo Clinical is an award-winning provider of Health IT solutions with a clientele of 65,000 providers. The vendor allows its clients to benefit from the software as a complete solution or choose their desired features for a personalized experience. It offers specialty-specific templates for pain management practices that specialists can benefit from during the diagnosis and treatment process. In addition to this, pain management experts can create templates from scratch to suit their unique workflows. 

Kareo Clinical facilitates communication as it lets users message anyone in their team, patients, staff, and outsourced companies. This HIPAA-compliant solution also prevents breaches of sensitive information. 

Pricing EMR

The pricing plan for Kareo Clinical starts at $160 per month per provider.


Developed in 1999, RXNT offers advanced health IT tools to specialists working in pain management facilities. It provides a highly acclaimed e-prescribing tool. Till now, users have shared 52 million prescriptions through its e-prescribing feature. This revolutionary feature is also EPCS-certified by the DEA, which allows its clients to access past treatment records and view complete medication histories. 

RXNT features an interactive patient portal that allows patients to schedule visits at their ease. They can also view lab results, message providers, sign forms, and pay bills. On top of this, the solution efficiently improves the financial health of a practice. 

Pricing EMR

The full suite of solutions for this vendor comes at $150 per provider per month.

Athenahealth EHR

Athenahealth EHR is a well-recognized leader in the EHR industry. This platform provides technology-driven solutions to its clientele of more than 160,000 providers that cater to 117 million patients. It offers electronic health records, patient engagement, revenue cycle management, and care coordination services to its clients. The vendor connects its users to a vast network of pain management specialists. 

User Reviews vouch for the fact that AthenaOne mobile app enables users to provide care on the go. It also includes specialty-specific tools and content for pain management facilities. If you are looking for a pain management EMR for your practice, you can always check this one out. 

Pricing EHR

The starting price for the solution is $140 per month per user.


DrChrono is a cloud-based EHR solution that serves thousands of providers with over 17 million patients. Its tools and services can be tailored to suit the unique needs of pain management experts. This platform provides an intuitive and detailed interface that helps specialists streamline practice workflow and improve efficiency while saving a lot of time. It is acclaimed for its features specific to pain management ad many people in this particular specialty are using it to improve their work. 

Some of its main features are custom medical forms, e-prescriptions, lab orders, draw-on photos and diagrams, and seamless integration. In addition to this, there are custom vitals that let physicians create baseline health data and track patients’ health measurements over time. 


The pricing plans for DrChrono EHR Software range between $50 – $500/month.

AdvancedMD EMR

AdvancedMD is one of our best picks for the category. This feature-rich solution is relatively cost-effective and provides comprehensive functionalities geared towards pain management practices. It provides a flexible users-interface along with some robust features that can be customized to suit a practice’s workflows. The company is known for its excellent customer service and provides ongoing training to practices that want a support partner after their go-live date. 

The platform’s dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of a practice’s daily clinical tasks. Its scheduler is a color-coded, customizable calendar that lets users filter by location, provider, visit type, and more. 

Pricing EMR

The pricing plan for the software starts at $429 per provider per month.

CareCloud EMR

CareCloud offers a patient-focused EMR solution for pain management practices. It provides exceptional ease of use, a unique approach, and a competitive price point to help practices streamline daily tasks and grow. This solution offers enough flexibility to let its clients customize templates and save frequent orders. Users can get quick access to patient information to get exactly what they want to see – prescription history, vital labs, medication, imaging, and more. 

CareCloud is compatible with any web browser and operating system, including Apple. Their customer support is based in the United States. Now CareCloud has been acquired by a leading Health IT Company called MTBC. The information regarding this acquisition will be available a few months from now. Please get in touch with one of our consultants to learn more.

Its intuitive practice management system offloads administrative burden. Patients can also complete intake forms at home or in the clinic to improve check-in and automatically populate the patient chart for point of care. 

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Pricing EMR

It is priced at $279 per provider per month.

NextGen EHR

NextGen offers an integrated pain management EHR and practice management solution for its clients. It is a web-based software that is operating system agnostic and is accessible through any device connected to an internet connection. This robust platform offers the fastest implementation for an EMR system – eight weeks. Users can easily send pain appointment reminders and keep patient records up to date. 

It is neck-to-neck with comprehensive automated features, such as automatic patient registration and instant insurance eligibility checks, to considerably streamline day-to-day processes within a healthcare practice. If you are looking for a pain management EMR that you can get up and running quickly, NextGen is a great choice. 

Pricing EHR

It comes at $379 per provider, per month

Final Thoughts

The best EMR for pain practice should offer power-packed features. It should also be fast, functional, and efficient. Before you decide which solution to go with, we recommend considering your practice requirements, budget, number of staff members, patient volume, and other essential factors. Choose the EMR system that meets your requirements. You can also look for pain management EMR software reviews and tutorials on Software Finder.