15 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient and Economical

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15 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient and Economical

With electricity bills hitting the ceiling, everyone is looking for ways to consume less energy. Everyone has the same goal, keeping your home cooler

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With electricity bills hitting the ceiling, everyone is looking for ways to consume less energy. Everyone has the same goal, keeping your home cooler in the summer months and keeping it cozy and warm during the frosty nights.  

Energy proofing is evolving all over the world and many homeowners are incorporating this idea to cut utility bills in half. In this blog, we have listed some of the top ways on how you can resist the bills to a greater extent. Fortunately, with just a change in habits and tweaks, you can go more economical and comfortable at the same time. Let’s find out how.

If you are renovating your home or want to build your dream home, always hire the best architects in Lahore. They will help make your dreams true to some extent.

Wherever you are in the country, go through 15 ways to become more energy efficient and economical.

  1. We have all grown up with a reminder to switch off the fans and lights when leaving a room. An average ceiling fan consumes 80-90 Watts while an Iron consumes 1000W, according to the National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (NEECA). Switching off appliances when not in use is an easy way to shave the costs of electricity bills.
  2. Replace energy efficient light bulbs (CFLs) with LED lights. LED lights not only consume less energy than the CFLs, but they also last longer and emit the same amount of light compared to their less efficient equivalents.
  3. Summers in Pakistan are grueling. Inverter ACs and fridges are a good solution for people who use their appliances for a long period every day.
  4. Cool roofs are made of materials that readily reflect the sunlight, keeping your roof and house cooler and thus, requiring less use of air conditioners.
  5. Cities in Pakistan such as Lahore experience many sunny days which makes solar panels a suitable addition to your home making your home more energy efficient. 
  6. The architecture of your house is very important, especially if you are mindful of your daily energy consumption. An architect will design a house suitable to the climate of your country, allowing cross ventilation which will keep your house cooler in summer.
  7. Interior designer in Pakistan advocate painting your walls with lighter colors due to the hot climate of the country as lighter colors reflect sunlight and keep your walls cool.
  8. If you live in Lahore and love big, French windows, find the best construction company in Lahore which uses sealed, double-glazed windows to prevent loss of the cool air generated by the AC.
  9. To stop the invading sunlight from heating up your home, invest in dark curtains and shades.
  10. Floors dissipate heat therefore, the best interior designer in Lahore encourages the use of rugs and carpets to maintain the cozy vibes during the winter and to prevent heat from escaping.
  11. Plants and trees keep your house cool by providing shade from the sun. Get the services of the best architects in Lahore to surround your house with long trees and vines or maybe do it yourself to make your home more energy efficient in an economical way.
  12. Make use of the natural light as long as possible and avoid using the bulbs and lights in day time. This strategy is one of the best ways to cut costs and not compromise on the lighting.
  13. Using dishwashers and other washing machines at night and refrain from using them from noon to evening time when there’s a huge strain on the power grid. 
  14. Don’t let your phone charge overnight. As it only takes a couple of hours to top up the battery. Note the charging duration and then charge accordingly.
  15. Double-glazed windows are another great way to shave bills. Consider that as an initial investment to preserve money for the long run. You will be surprised to know how these window traps heat inside the home, resulting in reduced annual bills. Not only this, but these windows feature numerous styles and designs, so you have a freedom to maximize the element of style.

Following these 15 ways will not only make your home more energy efficient and economical but will also decrease your carbon footprint.