07 Ways to Reduce Heat in your Kitchen

Seasons are changing as always. Indeed, it is cold outside, but hot kitchens are often unbearable. Honestly, it does not have to be this way. First, you should know what can cause your kitchen to be overheated. Then, you may try to do something about it. In that case, hold on to this post, and you will find some handy tips to deal with excessive heat in your kitchen.

Although, a busy household is more likely to get heated kitchens. But first, let’s see what causes this heat issue in general. It can be your:

  • Heat emitting appliances
  • Compact kitchens with no ventilation
  • More windows and direct sunlight
  • Using baking ovens
  • Usage of more pendant lights
  • Cooking without lids

Now you have a better understanding of what causes heat emissions in kitchens. It is time to resolve this issue effectively. Start by focusing on your electronic devices. Call for Samsung appliance repair in Atlanta if there is an issue. Finally, here are some of the best ways to cool down your cooking space than usual:

  1. Use an induction stove
  2. Reduce heat emitting from cooking:
  3. Avoid ovens, use a grilling machine 
  4. Cover up the windows during the day
  5. Use ceiling or exhaust fans
  6. Invest in a chimney
  7. Use lids while cooking
  8. Use indoor plants 

Use an induction stove

First of all, keep in mind that this issue does not need any renovation. A few protective measures and editions can do wonders for you and your kitchen. So, start by considering your cooking stove. If you have a traditional stove, you are more likely to have this heat-emitting problem. Moreover, this happens worst in small kitchens. For that, use an induction stove to prevent generating heat.

Reduce heat emitting from cooking

Wait! It is not all; more ideas are coming your way. You might have faced these kitchen problems for ages, but you did not do anything about it. Using microwave and pressure cooker ranges is also the best way to deal with heat emission. In this way, you can prevent your kitchen from getting more heat while cooking. Remember, a stove produces more heat than these electronic devices.

Avoid oven, use grilling machine:

Like traditional stoves, baking ovens also emit much heat during the day. Moreover, your kitchen is at risk if you have an oven that needs repair all the time. Get the device fixed first with Samsung appliance Atlanta. In addition, you can use the stove and these ovens early in the morning or in the evening. Avoid using these appliances afternoon to reduce the chances of excessive heat.

Cover up the windows during the day

If your kitchen faces direct sunlight, you will have a heat issue now and then. In this case, use blinds and curtains in the daytime. In this way, you can reduce the chances of excessive heat production while cooking. Moreover, a well-shaded kitchen looks elegant in the day and feels pleasant.

Use ceiling or exhaust fans

Fans can help you in this situation. If you already have a ceiling fan, that is good. In addition, exhaust fans are magical when reducing heat and pressure in the kitchen. So, use a ceiling fan, table fan, and exhaust fans to cool down the temperature and keep it bearable. Or DIY a small air conditioner using a table fan and a freeze water bottle.

Invest in a chimney

Is the kitchen chimney a good idea? Does it help in reducing kitchen temperature? Well, many people ask this question in general. Indeed, investing in chimneys comes with lots of benefits. Also, some say one ducting kitchen chimney is as effective as 15 exhaust fans. But, the kitchen chimney mainly helps control odors, oil, etc, not temperature. Despite all the talks, I think kitchen chimneys help to some extent.

Use lids while cooking

As homeowners and cooks, we tend to ignore these little details sometimes. So, ask yourself today before complaining about the heat in your kitchen. Do you use lids while cooking meals on the stove? Typically, most of you will say no or maybe. Well, putting lid covers on your cookers can save you from heat, pressure, and exhaustion. Plus, it aids well in quick recipes as well.

Use indoor plants

If you are looking for a few natural and easy solutions, consider keeping some potted green plants in your kitchen corners. For instance, you can place some indoor plants on the window side. Also, you can spot them in open cabinets as they can purify the air and keep it calm.

Summing up

A well-designed kitchen considers the heating factor. Stains, grease, oil, foul odor are all a part of your cooking regime. But, heat is a real issue. So, use an induction stove, grilling machine, lids, exhaust fans, and chimneys. Also, avoid using baking ovens to reduce the heat in your kitchen while cooking

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